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Mi nombre es Jorgs.
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Hello everybody. My name is Gerald Thunderbird-Sky and i work for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation in Manitoba Canada. We currently use very outdated equipment and upgraded our businesses to cambiums epmp1000 gear. That was before i heard of Mimosa. We are looking at doing a major upgrade but i want to do a bit more research on Mimosa and learn as much as can from everyone here first. It sounds like its an amazing product. Im excited to read everyones stories and experiences from them.


Hi all!
I work with a WISP in rural Colorado.

I just want to say that I am SUPER EXCITED about the future of fixed wireless. Mimosa is definitely on target with their innovations and I simply can’t wait to work with it more.

Once we receive our early order of Mimosa Point-to-Multipoint equipment I promise to try and snap a few photos and share some of my experiences with the community.

We have deployed I think 4 Point-to-Points so far (B5 and B5c’s) and they ROCK.

I wish the best of success to Mimosa~ Keep up the good work!



My name is Steve and I work for a radio station group in Indiana. We are using a 4 radio B11 link to connect our 2 studios. Just got this link up and running last week. Very excited to use use this link. I look forward to learning as much as possible about this line of radios and Mimosa’s over product lines.


I’m Edgar based in Miami, Florida.

We’ve been managing and provisioning private copper ethernet & fiber networks for years and are now formally committed to transitioning from wireline-to-wireless as we feel the technology has finally become much more robust thanks to MIMO-sa’s performance-oriented and auto-everything approach to design.

Excited to combine our purpose-built congestion management equipment with the latest Mimosa gear.


I’m Nigel Newallo-Singh, Chief Technology Officer at GreenDot Limited. GreenDot is the largest WISP in the Caribbean region. We have a passion and commitment for connecting the un-served and under-served communities at a price point that is affordable to low and middle income families and also allows us to meet our goals for expansion and growth to serve even more communities in the future.

GreenDot has been in operation for over 10 years and have actively provided use case feedback and beta testing for any manufacturer bringing to market radios that allow us to meet and exceed our Customers requirements. We are always excited to see new manufacturers emerging and disrupting the market with innovative solutions, whether technological or economical innovations. Mimosa products has been a pleasant surprise introduction to our technology meetings and has caused us to rethink our deployment road-map with respect to both PtP and PtMP solutions.

Recently turned up a 145km link using B5C completely over water. Keep up the great work Mimosa team, I look forward to working with you and eagerly look forward to deploying the A5C for last mile. I will continue to replace my AF5X and PTP650 backhauls with the B5C :slight_smile:


Hi there, my name is Todd Andersen & I provide network consulting and turnkey solutions for businesses & the resort industry here in Tofino, on the wild, wondrous west-coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. In my five years here I have been fortunate to design and engineer the network overhauls at three of the largest resort properties.During this time, I have seen internet services grow from meager fractional microwave feeds, with high latencies and packet loss, to as of just this month, gigabit fibre service from the big local telco here in BC.

With all this newfound bandwidth the existing infrastructure just can’t keep up, so I’m currently researching radio upgrades for the LAN/Backhaul portion of the resort networks I support. Mimosa in my mind is the best option I’ve come up with thus far. I’m looking forward to working with the community and the Mimosa team to make this a reality!

Thanks for your time.


Dan Hyravy with ZetaLink. We are looking at the Mimosa gear to build out a new network that will encompass both city (small towns) and rural customers.


Hi there,
Jae Sun from MeshTelco, a new WISP from Melbourne.
We’re exploring Mimosa P2MP & PTP solutions in our network rollout program and look forward in picking the brains of this community to help us out on our rollout plan.



Hi, I am Rudy (wirelessrudy, very active at time at the Mikrotik forum) and a small WISP in the provence of Alicante, Spain.
We have a little less then 700 wireless clients in a all MT network and many competitor ubnt networks around us.
To escape the shortcomings of MT and the ever increasing interference issue of the free 5Ghz band and the ever increasing demand from our clients we decided to go for the Mimosa product line.

Just purchased probably the first A5-14 in Spain with some CPE’s and G2’s to try and play with them.
Hope to learn more in this community to make this move a success. :slight_smile:


Hello! I am Jim Allen. I am the Wireless admin, network engineer, tower climber, and general manager of a small WISP in Mississippi. I am here because I heard good things about Mimosa gear. I have my first units up and running and am pleased with the performance and throughput. I have plans to use more in the future.


Dan Hyravy here! Co-Kahuna at ZetaLink in Kentucky. We are beginning an end to end buildout of a new market using nearly all Mimosa gear.


I’m not in, nor do I really want to be in the wireless business. However, I may have no choice. I have purchased a house, outside the city limits of Bowling Green KY, although I do have a Bowling Green address. I’m a radiologist and need a high speed, unlimited bandwidth connection. There is no alternative. No cable, not enough bandwidth with a satellite connection. There is a wireless company, but after trying to get them to bring service to my neighborhood for a year, I’m going to give up on them.

I haven’t moved,yet, to BG, and I currently have microwave service. I had to build a 110 foot tower on my farm to accomplish this. I’m willing to do this again and I believe my neighbors would be interested.

Is there anyone who could point me to any resources that could tell me or help me in how to go about this?


Hi I am Mahendran, from UAE, i have bought Mimosa B5 device i need help how to configure


Buen día, soy un operador Wisp en Argentina con unos miles de clientes con 100% de equipos UBNT en la calle y comenzando a hacer pruebas con sus equipos que creo pueden darnos buenas soluciones.
Inicialmente vamos a probar un enlace B5C y cuando haya disponibilidad de otros equipos probaremos APs y clientes.
Disculpen pero mi Inges es muy malo


Hey Folks,
I’m Bryan and I run the ISP department for CEO Etc in College Station, TX. We have been a WISP for several years and I have been here for almost 3 years now. We are also starting to deploy FTTX fiber networks in our area as well. I’ve been pretty impressed with the Mimosa Backhauls that I have gotten to play with so far and am starting to deploy some A5’s on our network as well. Looking forward to seeing what we can do with these things.


Hi, I’m Rodney Ballance, CEO of Taneynet Broadband in Forsyth, MO. We’re starting a new WISP in this rural area, and I would appreciate all the wisdom and guidance from this community as possible.


My name is Tinyiko Valoyi, down here in South Africa (Johannesburg). I am interested in broadband connectivity for South African urban townships.


Hello everybody. My name is Roman. Im from Ukraine. We are wireless Internet Provider. Will test your products in closer days.


Hello, my name is Jerônimo and I’m network admin on Infortread Telecom from Manaus in Brazil.