Please introduce yourself


Hello, I’m Rob, and I work for Starwire Technologies in Wisconsin. Formerly I worked for another Wisp, Genesis Wireless of Minnesota. I have been impressed with a lot that Mimosa has done, and am hoping to gather more knowledge and share some of my own!


My name is Jason Paradis, IT Helpdesk Technician at Regal Logistics in Fife, WA. The primary reason I am here is to obtain support for the two B5-Lite units we purchased to connect two of our warehouses together. So far it hasn’t been a picnic but we are hoping that with Mimosa’s help we can get our business connection back on track.


Hi Jason,

If you need help getting your B5-Lite units up and running, feel free to contact our support team via email ( or use the “Chat with us” at the bottom right of our community page.



Hello we are currently building a WISP in Bermuda. So far we have several B5 and B%C back haul links several A5 & A5C devices and are currently rolling out C5’s to testers. So far the results are impressive. We even have one on a container ship’s bridge to give them Internet when the ship comes in every week!


Hallo Mimosa Community
My name is Roland Jepsen and I live in Denmark in a rural area where the fiber not will have reached so far.
Wireless isp is not a come thing here, I will start one up in my neighborhood and hopefully can I expand it to a bigger area later. In the moment have I about 60 subscribers.
Unfortunately, I nearly don’t know anything about wireless isp, and I had tried to find reliable business partner, but it´s had to find someone how really knows a lot about wireless isp, in Denmark
I hope the Mimosa comminute will be help full and share the different experience they have had.

Best Regards
Roland Jepsen


Hi All,

I’m John Sinclair, I run a small ISP in rural eastern Australia. I’m interest particularly in the idea of the micro-pop.


Hi , I am Amandeep from India , Chandigarh U.T , I am owner director in Visioncom ( telecom equipment distribution India ) Visioncomm B.V ( iptv provider The Netherlands ) , Tornadonet private limited ISP ( state of Punjab and Himachal ) , Indo-German co-location solutions ( IT services and Hosting ) , my friend from Germany recommended me Mimosa products. Since 15may i was trying to call, email mimosa office in USA, finally got in touch with Jack and Buan , i requested them
for doing business as partner or dealer/distributer , but i am being refused and ignored because of running an ISP , i also tried to explain that sales and distribution will be done by Visioncom pvt Ltd, i am ready to stock Mimosa products with minimum $ 100000 on first order
India is big country (1 billion plus ppl ) Mimosa will need an army of dealers here , i am writing this message because i still hope to workout something with Mimosa, right now mimosa have 1 dealer in 1 state called Gujrat dealer company Zen exim don’t have even single piece of Mimosa equipment in stock , i feel disappointed by response from Team Mimosa , but i still i have hope for some positive response .
God bless


Jaime, I’m Joe Miller with DSLbyAir. Awesome products. however, on the design page is the a way to change the meters to feet? Right now I have to use a conversion chart to figure footage. i drop down menu to go from meter to foot would be great.


Welcome, Joe! The setting you are looking for can be found within the Design tool in Preferences > User Options > Units of Measurement.


Great to hear that, thanks.


Hello I am framework and we have a wisp in La Baja, Mexico. We just purchased a pair of antennas Mimosa to test them, we have a total of 500 Mbps, we seek to provide the best quality of service.


Hi everyone I am Shafiul Bashar Sumon. CEO SR COMMUNICATION. Bangladesh.



My name is Bob and I am CEO of CresComm WiFi, LLC. I’ve been watching Mimosa since they earned 7 awards at Wispapalooza 2015. We purchased 4 c5c’s to replace UBNT Rocket M5’s to use for backhauls. Expect to see me poking around and pestering Jaime. :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Max i worked i a small WISP in Puerto Rico, after the hurricane Maria we are searching for a best performance in our equipment’s.

I purchase b5 and c5c for backhauls, but the spectrum here is very difficult to work, to much noise around it.


Hello everyone, David Rowell here at WNM Comunications in beautiful SW New Mexico. (which is not new and not Mexico). Looking forward to benefitting from all of your experience.