Please introduce yourself


Hello @Jaime and those here in the Mimosa Community,
We are an Australian based company that focues on connecting the last mile and high end challanging locations.
You can read more about us on our profile here in the forum at
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Welcome to the group!


Iā€™m Alberto Valderrama,
Use to work on Amnet Coral Springs, Florida - 20 year experience on Netowking, Routing & Switching and also physical layer 1, Worked on RF satellite link for 10 years.

now here in Panama, I use Mimosa since 3 years ago, good backhaul product and brand (it has to be Polycom is a Great Company).

I whish can increase the modulation schemes in a future.

We like the support is awesome, quick response.


Glad to have you here, @Alberto2