Random disconnects on B24 Link


Hi there.
I recently bought one pair od B24’s. Replaced Ubiquiti AF24 link.
I have problem with random disconnects.
Tried everything. Changing cabling, switching sides, different freq’s, modes and so on.
Im running out of ideas.
Check this out.

Any1 have similar problems ?


Hi @tomekmak,

Could you PM me your serial numbers so I can take a look at them?

Could you also post screenshots from the other radio (like logs and spectrum) please and could you tell me which firmware you’re using?


Tagging @Hector-M for visibility


Hi @DustinS,
check your PM’s :wink:



We had this when we were beta testing these. Once we upgraded to the actual release SW they have been solid.


Hi @tomekmak We are seeing something similar. Normal working link everything fine, then a 10 second drop out. The difference is we don’t see anything in our logs. You can see something changed around the same time by looking at the graphs online.
I have emailed Mimosa support hopefully they will be on the case quickly!



Hi @Wayne1,
Thanks for letting us know of this issue. We have opened support case SF24442 and will be following up by e-mail for the details.



OP, I would love to hear whether and how this is resolved.


Same issue here. Mimosa support says it’s interference. However, there’s nothing showing up in the spectrum analyzer, and the link runs fine at 1300/1300 all day, even right up to the point of disconnect. When I ask support what kind of interference would allow the connection to run perfectly fine, then out of the blue (maybe once every few days) disconnect, immediately reconnect, and go back to running perfectly again; I get no response.


Mimiosa support got acces to my devices. They working on it.


Hi @Daniel2,

Thank you for your post. I’m escalating this now and you should hear something back pretty soon.

@tomekmak thank you for remote access! We appreciate it.