Request for additional mounting options for B5-Lites


The compact nature and low cost of the B5-Lites make them suitable for short distance, high-performance, PTP links. However, the mounting of the units require the Mimosa J mount to easily aim. The J mount makes the installation more obtrusive in certain applications. Would it be possible to make a compact mounting adapter that would allow swing/tilt adjustments and that would either directly mount to a small diameter pole (< 2.5" in diameter) or directly to a wall? Think of an approach used by another small form-factor radio such as a NBE-19.


Very pleased to arrive at Mimosa booth at Wispalooza and see a prototype for a new mounting adapter for the B5-Lite that will provide us with additional mounting options!


@Dan can you post a picture of this? Thanks



Here are some pics of the prototype B5-Lite pole mount from our booth. Let me know what you think. If you are at the show stop by and check it out. We also have our new B11 on display!

B5-Lite Prototype Pole mount from Wispapalooza 2015


Very nice! I couldn’t make it to the show this year! Any other photos of other products would be nice! That bracket is perfect! Especially for towers or mounting on pipes!

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Great -when will they be available (whilst I still have some hair) ?
A couple of holes top and bottom would allow Wall mounting with say Thunderbolts.


Thanks Dan! We take your feedback seriously!


Further to my previous -please could the adapter be manufactured to ‘swing’ up as well as down (10 degrees probably sufficient for both up and down). We supply a hilly area and it follows that any one link will require radios to point down and up at each end.


Hi Richard,

We created this mount so you can point it down as well as up, so if you have an uphill deployment you won’t have any problems. Basically flip the mount from the pictured position, this gives more security with the tile mechanism as it has a fixed pivot point.

Note: The production mount will have a sealed gland on both ends of the mounting pipe.



When will the production model be available for purchase? Thinking Q1 2016 ?


Hi Scott,
Thanks for prompt reply. In practical terms it is desirable to be able to ‘swing’ past the ‘focus’ - hence my request for a bit more movement. Also in practice mounting surfaces / poles are rarely vertical!



Thanks for the feedback @Richard I’ll pass it on to our design engineer. As an aside we are also looking into making it so you can just screw the mount directly to a wall, in addition to a pole.

@Kent I’ll find out when the expected ship date is for the new mount, and get back to you.


Cheers - it may not seem important till you are swinging about up in the air trying to line the kit up!
The original J mount has a big thumbs down from me - even had to ‘pad’ it out to allow the pipe clamp to grip it



I like the looks of the new B5-Lite mount. Like @Richard I would like to have the mount be able to swing a little past vertical. When you are mounting to a wall, and the other end is about level with you, it’s easy for small variances in the levelness of the wall and your estimate of angle to result in having to flip a mount like that over because you guessed wrong.
Also, as a stop gap, We’ve had good luck with using an ARC Wireless ARC-BK-1000-B01 mount. We use the Mimosa supplied Hose Clamp to strap the radio to the mount. The hourglass shape makes sure the clamp won’t slip, and the back of the B5-Lite is flat enough that it doesn’t wiggle.


Hi @Richard,

Great feedback, here is what we are going to do to help with your use case. We are going to add a 10 degree over tilt option, this will enable you to do -10 degrees to + 90 degrees. This should give you the flexibility you need. We have also added mounting holes so you can also now use this as a wall mount.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, I will let you know when have an estimated ship date.



Wow - thanks! Over center = tick. Wall mount holes =tick. And looking at it (always a mistake on line) the mount tube looks a bigger diameter than the original J mount tube. Did anybody actually try mounting the B5 lite on the J pole, tighten up the hose clamp and find how loose the B5 was still? Maybe only us in the UK have occasional high winds?



On the wall mount holes, it might be nice if the top hole, as oriented in the picture, was a slot instead. The slot would be curved like the one on the pole mount with it’s radial center as the bottom wall mount hole. This would allow us to adjust the roll of the radio a little as part of the aiming process. Sometimes needed if you have significant yaw and pitch to get the radio level again.


Thanks Again for the feedback. Our concern with a larger hole to accommodate that requirement, would be that it would structurally weaken the mount in general. We really want to provide a robust and high quality mount.


Richard - excellent feedback on the fit of the B5 Lite lite to the pole. I’ll run through some installations to examine the tightness issue you are talking about and take some pictures.

Guys - I love the interactive product discussion here! This is how we build great stuff together!