Save Spectrum & BIG Speed increase


I upgraded one of our sites that has several backhauls. Saved 80 MHz of spectrum and major speed increase thanks to Mimosa’s GPS Sync. All four links running in the same channel yielding 260 down and up.

All 4 dishes are running on Mimosa B5cs. We used to have one Rocket and 3 Nanobridges here. I was using 160 MHz if you include a little for channel spacing with the Rocket M5 and Nanobridges. Best we could pull on speed was 20-80 Mbps depending on the link. Now Im using one 80MHz channel and yielding over 260 Mbps down and up on all 4 links. All four links are operating in the same channel thanks to GPS Sync that works!

I have been very happy with the Mimosa backhaul products. GPS sync is a lifesaver where there is limited spectrum. These things just work! My company currently has over 13 Mimosa links and counting. I am going to be installing three more links in the next few days.


@Kent we have to create a new award category for you without you even applying I think! The engineering team loved this one, fantastic work, even better footage…we’re not worthy!


@Jaime Thanks! :smile: I am very impressed with what these radios can do. They never seem to disappoint! Thanks for engineering such great products!


Hi Kent, first, congratulations!!!
Thats so amazing POP man!!! Wireless incredible structuring my friend!! congratulations on your choice of mimosa radios. I’m sure you will have great results.
We use thus B5C radio and we are very happy with the results.
Best regards.


They work great! I currently have 20 links on my network.