Spanning Tree not working from C5x to A5c

Howdy all,

I have 3 C5x clients and an A5c setup with 1 VLAN for Management. All radios have the 2.5.3 firmware and I have 1 SSID setup as a Trunk (a.k.a. pass through). As far as I can tell the STP BPDUs make it from the A5c to the C5x’s but not back the other way.

I have a mix of Cisco 3000 and 3300 switches. I am trying to use 2 VLANs for data.

So far tech support has told be to try about 4 different versions of firmware(including betas), but none have resolved the issue.

Sorry about the run around. Mimosa PTMP doesn’t support Spanning Tree.

Thanks for the answer!

Do you know if Mimosa PTMP will support STP in the future?

I do not believe any of the PTMP on the AC chipset will. I am not sure about the AX stuff at the moment.

Does the chipset matter? My Cisco switches should actually be handling the STP and choosing which port to send data out on, not the mimosa equipment.

However, the latest firmware (2.5.3) adds lists of devices connected to each client, so STP might not be much more of a stretch once that information is collected.