Switching into TDMA mode not all C5 clients connect


I’ve got an A5 with 19 clients. I switched to TDMA and only 17 came back. All clients are on 2.2.3 as well as the A5. All clients are set to auto. Should I reboot all the C5s first before switching the A5 or is there something else I should look for?


I had a similar issue, and have the same question.

I have an A5-14 with 18 clients. When I switched to GPS-sync, only 15 came back… and even that took a while. I switched back to interop and they all came back (slowly). These were all on 2.2.3 and all clients were set to auto.


I’m going to have to get before and after lists to see which ones aren’t coming back and then find out why. Might be low signal.