Update 2.8.0 problems

Version 2.8.0 caused several problems with two ptp links, the radio became inaccessible and the link dropped several times every 10 minutes. The signal also changed and the problems only ended when I returned to version


We recently discovered a bug in 2.8.0, which under certain conditions, may cause the PtP radio device to disassociate. We believe we have addressed this in a patched firmware release, named, and request you to load it onto your Mimosa PtP radios. I have already added your Cloud account to this beta firmware distribution. We are planning to make this patched version of firmware publically available very soon. If you or anyone is experiencing this condition with your Mimosa PtP radio running 2.8.0 and need the patched firmware, please contact me directly, via email at jeffj@mimosa.co


Poderia enviar a versão que Corrige esse erro da b5c e C5c adilson-@live.com

@adilson Entre em contato com o suporte técnico para solicitar a versão beta correspondente.

@Hugo tenes que pedirlo desde soporte de mimosa, solo se permiten las ultimas betas v2.8.0.1-beta1/2. Yo de momento en c5x y c5c estoy con la v2.8.0 estable, revisa bien tu configuración y volve a alinear es lo que recomiendo.

También quita tu email para evitar spam.

son enlaces que tenia desde hace mucho tiempo solo que se me daño un radio y puse uno nuevo y actualice los dos el que ya tenia y el nuevo de echo hasta mejoro la señal pero tienen ese problema que se desasocian cosa que antes no me pasaba.

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@Hugo si es posible que se te solucione con la v2.8.0.1-beta2 que indica que Soluciona dos problemas: disociaciones de clientes PtP, negociación automática de Ethernet.

yes i have issue with c5c like rebooting

I saw is available, it should solve disassociation problems.

hola, tengo 5 enlaces PTP con C5X y actualice uno con la Versión y se cae el enlace, en dos días de prueba se cayo 2 veces.

A is also posted now. Other than Turkish compliance, does it change anything? Or are we okay with in the US now?

You should be fine with

Hello, i’m from spain, in my link i have 2.5.1, and spain licensed, before update, we have blocked a lot of frequency ranges, how can i disable it?