VLAN Tagging on A5


Hi Carl,

Yes, I just sent it to your email address.


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Hi Gary, Sure, I sent it on Sunday. Please let me know if you didn’t get it.


Chris, mind sending it my way as well? Thanks!


Can I get a copy of the software? I also use vlans to segment my network and would like to see if your changes would work on my network. Thank you for your help.



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can you send us a copy too?



Hi Chris, can you send me a copy of the latest beta firmware for A5 and C5.



Yes, emailed to Tom and provided to Giuseppe via chat.


Hi Chris,

A5 to UBNT hardware (WIFI mode) working great. It’s been 25 days with 10 clients and working great!
Now I am ready to start moving these clients over to the C5. Trying to figure out how this will work…

I can take the C5 and place a Mikrotik router on the back side to untag the customer VLAN, but that adds expense as well as opens a security hole (just plug into the C5 POE to bypass the VLAN).

Currently the UBNT M5 radio consumes the VLAN and gets its LAN port IP address from that VLAN, as well as move customer traffic. Any ideas on how we can achieve this with the C5 today?

Matt Carpenter


@Matthew3 we’re working on a VLAN solution for the clients (still waiting for final schedule), and in 2.0.2 in addition to client isolation, we’ve added DHCP rogue server prevention, and multicast/broadcast/unicast flood prevention. So this will prevent ill-connected routers from impacting upstream and the wireless network.

Regarding the L3 termination (since the C5 will remain as a bridge), if you don’t want to add a router of your own (MikroTik or Mimosa G2, etc.), is to control the customer 3rd party router which typically is unknown MAC address, etc. which can be a bit of a pain of course to setup static IP. To make this seamless to manage, we are adding Option 82 on the A5 to protect the network DHCP server, and properly serve the right IP address to the customer router by injecting the known MAC of the C5 into the DHCP relay request. This of course assumes the C5 MAC/customer relationship has been associated and information available in the DHCP server tables or via Radius (Radius is the typical Option 82 lookup solution with DHCP servers).

Hope this helps, not entirely there yet, but the Option 82 solution is a very popular option with a lot of the WISPs we’ve talked with.


Chris, could I also get the latest beta firmware?


Hi Jamie,

On the Mimosa G2, we received a couple and have been testing them out. Since they are a router, will they untag the VLAN in the future? I dont see that as an option today.

I need a device that:

  1. Untags a set VLAN
  2. DHCP the IP address thru this VLAN
  3. Powers the Radio by POE (Mimosa G2)
  4. Does not allow the customer to bypass and get direct to the radio (Mimosa G2 with POE would stop this in most cases.)

I know a Mikrotik would do all of this as well, but hoping the Mimosa G2 will soon.

Matt Carpenter


Nevermind. Got it from the support team.


@Matthew3 pinging @David to answer this on the G2 directly about what to expect in upcoming firmware releases regarding networking and VLAN features.



Thanks for the feedback. I’m very interested in your use case so we can support it on the G2. On today’s G2 code you are correct, the LAN side doesn’t understand VLANs.

Are you looking for the G2 LAN port to accept any incoming VLAN TAG, assign an IP address to the client from the G2’s internal DHCP server, and then return the DHCP response using the same VLAN?

If you have time this week, I can be available for a call to go over this in detail.

Let me know


Hi David,

Please give me a call at our office: 806-316-5071
I can be available anytime.

Matt Carpenter


Has there been an update to this for vlan tagging data incoming from the customer on a C5? This is much needed as for now We are having to install an additional router to make this work.


Nothing so far, we are in a waiting/holding pattern as well.


Any updates on tagging C5 client traffic onto a VLAN while using a management VLAN to manage the C5? We have had a new deployment on hold for six months waiting to see if this feature will be added.