VLAN Tagging on A5


dears, any update on this? We have now Aug/2017. no reply from Nov/2016


We just installed a bunch of G2s and C5s, only to find that it doesn’t work with our VLAN setup. We have one A5 that serves multiple C5s; some C5s need to be on our management VLAN and some need to be on a untagged VLAN.

For some C5s we need the C5 to understand VLAN tagging, and for others we don’t (the ones attached to G2s). We have the techs sitting out there at the site, with nothing to do until we solve this. The only other solution is to put the G2s and their associated C5s on the same VLAN as our management network. But then our billing server has no ability to manage them.

This issue seems to have been raised for the past year, with no resolution. How do people run these G2s then, if they have multiple VLANs?


This is a painful, fretful problem.

We do static DHCP, or management as DHCP and customer as PPPoE — it’s
possible to overload a segment with multiple DHCP scopes and/or PPPoE.

But we will gladly “do it right” once we can.


Jeremy, that’s interesting. We haven’t touched PPoE in a long time. Can you describe how you set it up on the G2 and the switches? Our user devices (and G2s) are on VLAN10, APs on VLAN 100 and management (A5s and C5s) on VLAN300. The billing server only sees VLAN10, and we want G2 users to be managed by the billing server.

Any pointers to more info would be appreciated!


Tim, we don’t use G2; we do tag management traffic on the C5 and A5.
Billing server handles the static leases.


This is the biggest problem I have with mimosa products. They have personally told me that they would have this feature working already and yet have failed to produce a working version of it. Sad really.