Vlan tagging on C5


Is VLAN tagging at the radio supported on the C5?


Is VLAN tagging at the radio supported on the C5?


As far as I can tell, you can currently use a management VLAN and EITHER tag VLAN per SSID or support VLAN passthrough but you cant yet tag traffic on the ethernet port of the C5 to a VLAN. Using per SSID VLAN, client payload on the C5 ethernet port will be tagged onto the VLAN you set on the SSID at the A5.


Correct @Carl1 VLAN tagging per C5 is something we’re working on and should have a roadmap schedule for you all pretty soon now that 2.0.2 is out the door.


Thanks, Let me know when you have a timeframe. Right now I’m leaning towards putting up a UBNT AP to support legacy Nanostations so I can turn off passthrough and start putting up C5 clients but if this is something I could beta soon, I might hold off. Obviously, I would much rather leave it in passthrough and tag payload on each C5.


Any progress on per C5 VLAN tagging? We were just getting ready to switch all of our clients from our current UBNT equipment to our new B5 omni AP, and realized we are not able to tag their VLANs at the CPE like we do with UBNT.


Jaime, any updates on that roadmap? I need to roadmap my spring deployments and need to know if we can deploy more Mimosa gear.


It’s currently being worked on in the 2.3.0 release (the follow-on major release after 2.2.0 GPS sync is out in 3-4 weeks hopefully), scheduled for sure before mid-year.


Thanks for the update. I’ll check back in in a few months.


And while your in there working on VLANs, what would be super awesome is if you could support QinQ with dynamic learning at the AP like Cambium 450s. i.e on the SM (C5), be able to tag the C VLAN and the S VLAN and on the AP be able to select the QinQ ether-type (0x8100 0x88a8 etc).


I know it has only been a month, just checking in to see if this is in fact being actively worked on and what the model looks like. i.e just being able to tag the C VLAN, Being able to tag the C VLAN and the SVLAN, the latter, but only with 0x88a8, the latter with 0x8100 and 0x88a8 support, etc. We have a deployment coming up at the end of the month and I need to know what sort of equipment I’m going to need to make it work short and long term.


Two month checkin. Any updates on tagging a VLAN on the C5 ethernet port? Where are we on the roadmap?




@Carl1 We are working on the implementation details as I write this. It’s expected the feature to be ready no later than summertime, worst case. If you are interested I can share our feature design with you - I would love some customer feedback on what we plan on doing to be sure it meets your needs.


Thanks David, I would love to see what your feature design looks like and to provide feedback. Feel free to email or PM me with details.




Any updates on VLAN/QinQ support? Summertime is close and we are continuing down the microcell install path but management is going to become impossible once we start to load up clients unless we can get each of them on their own VLAN inside of a service VLAN.


We have been waiting for this also. I have a ton of radios to deploy and have been sitting in the warehouse for 6 months. We can not use them until the VLAN support is ready.


We really need an update from Mimosa on this. We have three test A5s deployed and are managing the clients with a VLAN hack but it doesn’t integrate with our BNG/Radius/CRM system and obviously isn’t scalable. We have identified real estate for beta micro pops in areas where we have really high Cambium subscriber densities but can’t move forward with real estate acquisition and engineering until we know VLAN support is coming and what it is supposed to look like.


@Carl1 We have made good progress on our VLAN implementation this is very feature rich and supports VLAN per C5, double tagging, QinQ and a few more useful features. We are also hard at work on adding easy C5 install automation for unlocking, network provisioning and subscriber provisioning using our Mobile APP and Radius with VSA support.

I should have a timeline for you by the end of the week but it’s looking like mid Q3 at this point.


Wondering if there is any update on this per the last comment as per C5 VLAN support is of interest/needed also.


Actually, let me clarify or ask for clarity.

Is this thread about the A5 doing the tagging of the VLANs per or for each C5 based on 802.1x authentication (say via radius when using 802.1x) or is it having the actual C5 perform the VLAN tagging on it?

We are interested in knowing if the A5/C5 combo will support the A5 doing the tagging (via 802.1x radius authentication/assignment) while having the C5 just being a normal client.