Vlan tagging on C5


Any updates? We really need to start nailing down vertical assets if we are going to deploy microcell and there isn’t a chance we will do it without QinQ to put clients on their own CVLAN inside a SVLAN.


We are interested in knowing if the A5/C5 combo will support the A5 doing the tagging (via 802.1x radius authentication/assignment) while having the C5 just being a normal client.

dot1x doesn’t work that way. If you wanted the A5 to do dot1x it would need to be on the wireless interface and the C5 would need to be a dot1x client (unless thats what you meant by “normal client”).

That would be better then the current situation but is moving more in the enterprise WiFi direction then in the service provider direction. If you were doing it that way, you would end up with a C5 in your customer space. i.e you couldn’t put it on a management VLAN.


And can we get an update on VLAN support? I’ve just about given up on Mimosa Micro Pops at this point.



I think what most people do is A5 -> Netonix, or A5 -> MicroTik.

The Netonix fixes the Mimosa Power issues, and the MikroTik does everything else.

I hear its in the next release… :slight_smile:


Not sure where A5-> Netonix or Microtik fits in here. I’ve pretty much given up on Mimosa because of the lack of proper VLAN support, not because of what we connect them to.


Carl1, you may want to try our newly release 2.4.0 firmware. It includes enhanced VLAN capabilities.


Thanks Dave, saw that. Waiting for another A5 to come in to lab it out.



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greeting I mistakenly enable the vlan to my team and I can not assert the someone who can help me



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