What is "target" on signal meter?


What is actually meant by “Target signal” on the signal display? Can’t seem to see any real reference to anything about it? Have a signal of -58, but “target” says -120 ???

What is “target” and how should it be used?


Hi Wayne,

The “Target” is the expected Rx signal strength (dBm), and it is intended for use as an antenna alignment aid. The value is calculated from a simple link budget based on the following parameters:

  • Remote Tx Power
  • Remote Antenna Gain
  • Free Space Path Loss (distance calculated from coordinate exchange between radios)
  • Local Antenna Gain

If the signal is less than the target, it could mean one of the following:

  • Antenna aiming could be improved
  • Entered antenna gains are inaccurate
  • Coordinates are missing or inaccurate

These articles explain a bit further:


Noticed this on my 2 b5c radios: Target: -87.1 dBm-55.4 dBm
PHY Tx/Rx (Mbps): 173 / 116MAC Tx/Rx (Mbps): 61 / 41

Why is the target so high?
This was using 1.3.1 but when I upgraded one link today to 1.4.1 beta, it is the same.


Hi George,

If you are referring to your link with a B5 (AP) connected to a B5c (STA), then the reason for the target difference is because of the antenna gain difference between the two radios. The B5c allows you to enter an antenna gain for the local and remote side, and it uses these values to calculate its target, but the B5 target calculation uses the integrated antenna gain and assumes that the gain on the other side is the same.


hola chris.

donde puedo descargar el firmware 1.4.1 para mimosa b5c

tengo un enlace con dos b5c usando antenas ubiquiti 34 dbi a 26 km, pero no mejora debido al ruido se mantiene en phy 180/90 la mayor parte del dia.

y me gustaria saber si el firmware 1.4.1 mejoraria mi enlace, actualmente le tengo instalado el 1.3.1



Sent firmware via PM


Hi Chris, could you please forward me the Beta firmware as well?



Hola Miguel Angel
Podrías retroalimentarme por favor como te fue con las actualizaciones del firmware. cuento con 2 enlaces de 5.7 km al principio lograba pasar 800 Mb reales. de un tiempo para acá no logro mas d 100mb y no se si estos firmwares me logren volver a levantar la velocidad.
Cuéntame como te fue si vale la peno o seguimos igual


hola sergio. un gusto saludarte:

tienes poc distancia para ese enlace, a menos que halla mucho ruido debe
trabajar sin problemas. la actualizacion mejoro mi t-put aunk el snr sigue
igual. el signal meter estar excelente. que version tienes de mimosa? y de

buscame igual por hangouts en este email.

saludos. a tus ordenes desd cancun.