Will Mimosa work with NXN Airfiber multiplex?


Will Mimosa work with NXN Airfiber multiplex?


This multiplexer only makes sense with gps synced devices. If not you get very bad results due to selfinterference.


I believe this can only be answered with trial and error. As @Stefan says, it must be a GPS synced radio but the GPS timing must also be to a certain standard which i dont think will be revealed since its not necessary for Mimosa’s B5/A5 portfolio. The B5 series minus the lite has GPS so on paper with the information we have available it should work but no guarantees. its also a more cumbersome solution though compared to just putting up a 11GHz licensed solution for multiple GB/s backhaul however if you dont have that available then you work with what you got. The 11GHz stuff coming from all wireless camps is looking very promising, might be worth the wait if you can. Also dont forget about 24GHz if your link is short enough and you require 1Gbps+ backhaul

Also keep in mind with NXN you will need some sort of load balancing switch


I really dont see a point of using this UNPROVEN multiplexer from ubnt, since you have an option with 1 radio to utilize 180Mhz ot spectrum and get 1+Gbps true bandwith.