Will removing unlock code cause device to go down?


I have a C5 that was connected to an AP that i thought was having issues talking to the cloud, so i removed the unlock key on it through the interface (interface warned me that the configuration would not be deleted) and now the client is not linking back up to the AP. Did i just make a mistake here that will require me to go back to the customers house and re-enter the unlock code?


Hi Kurt,

Sorry, but unfortunately, you found a bug where the C5 loses association with the A5 upon unlock reset. The C5 cannot associate after the reboot because there is no country defined. If the C5 is configured to get an IP address using DHCP over wifi, then the C5 cannot — so the IP address is the fall-back IP address. The only way to access the C5 is over Ethernet with a static or fall-back IP address.