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Welcome to the Mimosa Community! Our goal is to establish a unique community for our users, dedicated to accurate information, transparency, knowledgeable people to support you, and of course great collaboration with other Mimosa users and wireless network builders.


Join an extensive discussion on Mimosa products including hardware, software, antennas, feature requests, roadmaps and the like. Our Product Managers and Support Team are also here to contribute alongside our community members to get you the great insights and the right answers quickly!


Interested in discussing unique applications and market solutions that Mimosa users are deploying? Here you can go beyond the products, leveraging valuable deployment experience directly from Wireless ISPs and solution integrators to design high reliability, high capacity wireless networks.

Network Management

Mimosa believes that data accuracy, integrity and availability is a key cornerstone to developing the next generation of wireless networks. Our management system provides the data to enable you to effectively configure your network, for maximum spectrum efficiency, interference mitigation and capacity planning.

Network Design

Planning wireless networks is vastly more complex than their wired counterparts. We have built the Mimosa Network Design Tool to enable you to effectively design and implement wireless networks. Mimosa Cloud Services revolutionizes this process with an intelligent, cloud-based planning and design tool set for wireless service providers. Use this space to help us build to best planning tool, that enables you to successfully design and deploy your network.