1.2.2 Firmware Release - Critical Update

IMPORTANT 1.2.0 firmware may cause GUI unresponsiveness that requires a physical power cycle to resolve. Mimosa strongly recommends rebooting first, and then updating to 1.2.2. Firmware images are product specific. Confirm firmware image name matches the product before upgrading. There is no external version of 1.2.1 as it was designed for internal use only.

To ensure that you continue to have top performing radios, please download the most recent firmware 1.2.2. In this new update, you can expect to have known platform related stability issues resolved, PHY and MAC improvements, and a few other updates.

If you do not download this update, you may experience system outages.

Read the Release Notes.

Download the latest update here, or use the firmware update feature in the Mimosa Cloud if you have cloud connected devices

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Scott, upgraded my radios today and had to reboot a few but otherwise no issues. Looking good. And looks like the links are even more stable with improved throughput. Great job. Keep up the good work.


Upgraded to 1.2.3 and notice lots if improvement. Another good job from the engineering team at Mimosa. Is there a feature list and timeline for 1.3?


Thanks @Alan ,

I will pass the good feedback to our Engineering team! We are targeting our 1.3 release for November, we will let you know when it’s ready.