1.2 Firmware Release

We released 1.2 firmware for beta and have seen great improvement on our own network.

The biggest improvement to me is our links are now getting consistently higher modulation rates with less SNR. I’ll throw up some pre/post 1.2.0 screen captures from our test network that illustrate our results.

Firmware can be found at http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/b5-b5c-firmware

Release notes can be found at http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-firmware-release-notes

Let us know what you think…


Most of us don’t read manual or docs unless we have to …

I would recommend to others to read the Release notes…

… I went searching for Site Survey Tool, did a double take … until I read in the release notes that it is a known issue, and currently missing on the AP !


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Nice photo Faisal.

+1 on at least skimming the release notes.

Besides the site survey, how is 1.2 software working for you?

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Awesome, Super…we are seeing huge improvements in stability and performance in our tough challenging RF environment.

Really love many of the little details while subtle but significant…
Auto exclusion of TWDR, SNMP, RPS, Cross Hairs on Spectrum Analyzer, with precise read outs, the Auto Channel size optimization on the fly… logging of the freq. change on the Cloud Mgmt… etc etc…

I am sure there are a few others I have missed…

I am going to stop now, before I start getting accused of being biased !



We have no luck with 1.2. We see channel shifts due to radar detect without radar. The dfs channel selection makes bad decicions. Selected contiguous channels or changed from band with higher regulated power to band with lower power. Result was low performing link.

Edit: We start to roll back the update to 1.1.1 due to customer complaints.

Thanks @Stefan our engineers are looking into it, will get you an update.