100% off-grid B5 & Security Camera

I’m sure there’s a large group that’s already done a form of this…

We need to install a security camera in an location where there’s no power available. There’s no infrastructure at all actually…So for the network side of that we’ve spec’d a B5 (or B5-lite) station, and will place the other end of the link where we have traditional structure and power.

I’m wondering what solutions have been used to power the radio, and I’m sure others have done this with cameras as well, powering that as well.

Our other links are traditional data links, this really becomes a one-off solution.

I’ve never done this, but have a similar need. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I have been looking at some of the solar setups used by HAM radio folks to power remote repeaters. There are even some commercial packages out there that seem as if they may fit the bill. A Google search for “solar ham repeater” will yield a lot of specs for different builds. Hopefully one will be suitable for your needs.

The Ubiquiti Sunmax solar systems have some network monitoring functionality baked in and may be worth a look.


We use a DC POE available from LigoWave and works like a charm. We run of a 24V Solar system but this POE also supports 12V



@CarolinaCop… Funny you should mention “Ham radio folks”… I am one, and I guess the obvious thought to look at something via that path didn’t stop along the brain cell highway…

As you noted, there’s a lot of finds in this area so looking at ones that seem to fill the power needs will get additional attention.



Thanks for the info…that seems like a great product… I’ll be looking further into it as things evolve.

We also use the mentioned Ligowave adapters. They work great