2.10.0 firmware

Instale la ultima version del firmware 2.10.0, en los equipos C5x, el tema es el siguiente, queda trabajando muy bien el enlace punto a punto, pero desde que se actulizo recurrentemente a las 1200 pm tiempo de la ciudad de Mexico el puerto ethernet deja de funcionar, aparece down link, se forzo a negociar en 100 Mb/s, tengo instalado FTP CAT 6, aterrizado el radio, sistema de tierra fisica, ancho de canal de 20 Mhz, degrade a la version 2.8.1 que era la que no tenia problemas, se hizo un cambio de inyector poe y tambie de radio fisicamente por uno nuevo, siguio con los problemas con la ultima version, ya se degrado, y parece que esta funcionando adecuamente, espero me puedan dar su retroalimentacion al respecto

Ive experienced something similar with my B5 PTP setup. After i upgraded from 2.8.1 to 2.9.x, i began having ethernet port issues and massive amounts of signal loss. I upgraded again from 2.9.x to 2.10.0 and I am still having the same issues. I may try downgrading both radios back to 2.8.1 and see if this alleviates all of my issues.

Edit: Just downgraded both links back to Will keep my eye on it for a few days.

sir do you still have available firmware for B5c atleast 2.8.x? can i have one sir? please…

Hi Alvin, I have available if you would like it.

Seem to be having similar issues as well running c5x in PTP mode. Works fine for a few days to a week or more, then the ethernet port stops passing traffic. I can access the both MGMT interfaces of the radios that are linked together, however at the far side of the link it doesn’t pass traffic to the ethernet port.

I saw the following here today:

2.11.0 Jul 20 2022 06:23 PM (EDT)

However, release notes don’t mention anything that was changed/fixed. Anyone try this yet?

@Alvin1 you can get official firmware from Mimosa, either through their tech support crew or through them enabling it in your Mimosa Cloud account. (Cloud.mimosa.co) I would highly recommend against using firmware from 3rd party sources.

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