2.10.0 FW for A5x PtMP, All PTP and FW for A5/A5c PtMP

Firmware Version 2.10.0

March 28, 2022

PTP Product Applicability: B5x, B5, B5c

PTP - New Features

Support for new MAC OUI (20:B5:C7)
  • This release supports new Mimosa MAC address OUI – 20:B5:C7 β€”

:clap: on needing more MAC addys, sounds like yall are planning on producing ALOT more awesome radios!

Support for new trap
  • During device boot-up, devices send a new trap that identifies the reason for boot-up -

LOVE this!

PTP - Issues Addressed

  • Firmware upgrades can fail when trying to downgrade the firmware to older revisions.

PTP - Known Issues and Operational Notes

  • 2.10.0 will not reliably link with 1.5.x. Please upgrade the remote/far side of the link first to prevent it from becoming disconnected. If this occurs, reload 1.5.x on the near side, wait for the PTP link to establish, then proceed to upgrade the far side to 2.10.0.
  • Attempting to load a non-firmware file as firmware on the start page will cause WebUI to become unresponsive. A workaround is using the private/incognito mode of the browser or rebooting the device.
  • Cloud services are not supported when radio management IP is configured IPv6 only.
    *** On C5x and C5c PTP links, the local last reboot time shown on the Access Point dashboard may be incorrect.** -

Good to know!

Firmware Version

New Features

Support for new MAC OUI (20:B5:C7)
  • This release supports new Mimosa MAC address OUI – 20:B5:C7

PTMP - Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue whereby DHCP Option-82 headers were not added to DHCP requests of the hosts connected to clients, after RADIUS re-authentication.
  • Fixed an issue whereby WebUI of A5c does not display any webpages when no client is associated to it or when there is no uplink traffic from the hosts connected to the associated clients.

PTMP - Known Issues and Operational Notes

A5/A5c – PTMP
  • Devices may lose connectivity with Mimosa Cloud or MMP (i.e. Self-hosted NMS) server occasionally due to network issues. If the device does not connect back, then disable and re-enable Cloud access in device WebUI.
C5/C5c/C5x – PTMP
  • None

Looks here like us A5c folks only got the new MAC addy’s added… Feels like an inevitable EOL announcement is coming for the A5c w/ our guys sticking out the 2.5 FW :sob: I hope not any time soon!


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