Firmware A5, C5 and C5c Has Been Released!

A5 Release Notes: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/ap-firmware-release-notes-a5
C5 & C5c PTMP Release Notes: http://client.help.mimosa.co/client-ptmp-firmware-release-notes-c5
C5c PTP Release Notes: http://client.help.mimosa.co/c5c-ptp-firmware-release-notes

Small patch, from the notes. As normal, I will just be giving my summery of things I think are important and mentioning people who had brought up problems that had been solved or are now known issues.

  • A5. Optimized AGC algorithm margin to improve link performance and PHY rates under certain conditions. (Whoo HOO! I played around with manual power limits for a while, but it was a pain, AGC is the way to go.)

  • A5. Improved SNMP query responses to fix the following conditions: IF-MIB returns the same result for all queries within one minute; SNMPWALK for some Mimosa custom OIDs did not return any values; and queries to the mimosaChainTable fail because the object is not available. (@Chadwick, @morris I think were seeing some of this. If Ya’ll can let us know if this solves the issue that would be great. Thanks for the Reports Guys)

  • C5. Improved C5 Ethernet link negotiation with MikroTik devices. (Have not seen this issue, running a C5 to Mikrotik at my house, but yay. If anyone has seen this and can confirm that this update solves the issue it would be much appreciated.)

  • C5c PTP. Known Issue: Any user defined frequency exclusion overlapping the TDWR spectrum (5555 to 5800 MHz) will be removed when upgrading to (Heads up gals and guys)

There are several Known Issues that continue from 2.4.1, do be aware and keep an eye out. Some of them could cause a headache.

Can confirm that SNMP for mimosaChainTable is now working again. However the values from the chains regarding RSSI has changed which means off I go to alter my scripts. :slight_smile:

They now return value with precision. I.e -55 before and now -552 == -55.2 dBm

Thanks for the confirmation as well as the extra information @morris. (@Mimosa might want to document that.)

Anyone running this?

Any gotchya’s with running it or does it just work?

so far not seen anything of note, they changed so little.