2.4.1 Firmware A5, C5 and C5c Has been Released!

A5 Release Notes: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/ap-firmware-release-notes-a5
C5 & C5c PTMP Release Notes: http://client.help.mimosa.co/client-ptmp-firmware-release-notes-c5#
C5c PTP Release Notes: http://client.help.mimosa.co/c5c-ptp-firmware-release-notes

Things of note that they fixed: (Notable because it benefits me or I have seen people talking about it in the forums here or elsewhere)

  • Lots of UK issues on all Firmware.

  • The A5 and C5 device name now supports using special characters. Supported characters are: \ / -_ . : a-z A-Z 0-9 (Thank you @DustinS)(@Irvin, thanks for asking. We will have to wait for the Remote Location stuff though…)

  • A VLAN configuration summary page has been added under Networking->VLAN to clarify VLAN configuration settings, CPE Data VLAN assignments, and make it more intuitive how to configure VLAN operation. (Gonna Be reading this after all this VLAN talk we have been having)

  • A5/C5: For long links with lower RSSI, high PER may be observed intermittently. This has been resolved. (looking forward to seeing how this helps)

  • A5: Changing the Traffic Shaping Plan in the Clients->Settings tab on the A5 is now more reliable

  • A5: When Auto AGC is enabled, channel and power changes require a 120 sec settling and tuning window before optimal performance is re-established. During this window some clients may see a temporary rise in PER rates.

  • Improved event logging details, formatting, and consistency of logging between the C5 and A5. (Thank You!) (@Christopher and I will both be running through our logs with this soon)

  • The A5 GUI no longer allows a web browser to cache password fields in the SSID configuration page…

  • The C5c was blocking Spanning Tree BPDU packets in Release This has been resolved and BPDU packets are properly forwarded. (@Daniel2, @tomekmak please let us all know that this solved the issue.)

  • There are a bunch of Fixes in the Platform area which probably will help with Saving and Setting up stuff. (Let us know if you have seen some improvements @Dale2)

Known Issues of note:

  • The C5 Ethernet port occasionally comes up as 100Mbps/Full instead of 1Gbps/Full when booting under heavy traffic. (Tell the customer to kill their BitTorrent before you connect them to your internet, because reasons)

  • Changing the gain and power at the same time on the C5 GUI can result in unexpected results. Please change each setting independently. (Unexpected you say? Sounds like fun.)

  • A5: On the A5 client page, the Firefox browser incorrectly shows clients as disconnected even when they have been manually removed and the remove button is missing from the client screen. Firefox does not work with the Site Survey feature in the Link A5 link page. (Yucky, I love FF)

  • The Reset Unlock feature has been removed from C5. This is no longer required as the C5 follows the A5 regulatory domain. If the C5 needs to be “re-locked” please use the factory reset option. (We have a bunch of C5s running around on our B11 license, “United States Licensed” instead of “United States” and it annoys me to no end, thank you so much for this…)

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Take a look at this post. Seems to be some SNMP changes…

ya, we don’t use SNMP very much for our monitoring, so it did not make it onto my priority list. Next round will because of your post. Thanks BTW.