2.5.2 Firmware for A5, C5# Has been Released!

This is just my summary of the notes and what I think is important. You can read the notes in their entirety here:
A5 Release Notes: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/ap-firmware-release-notes-a5
C5, C5c and C5x PTMP Release Notes: http://client.help.mimosa.co/client-ptmp-firmware-release-notes-c5

Note: I say C5# to refer to the entire C5, C5c and C5x Line.

A5 Stuff:

  • New Setting under Link, Rate Adaptation This option is only available in SRS mode. The Rate Adaptation panel contains controls for the PER Threshold on the A5 and A5c. (Some nice optimization options for people willing to tinker.)

A5 Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue in WiFi Interop mode where clients would dissociate and not re-associated until the A5/A5c was rebooted. (I know I have seen this in the forums, if someone can report back on if this is fixed it would be much appreciated.)
  • Modified the logic for the Client Disassociation Watchdog feature to reboot the A5 only if ALL clients are disconnected.
  • Resolved several issues with stalled A5 PTMP traffic. (Have not personally seen this, but if someone who has seen this issue could confirm that this update fixes the issue I would appreciate it)

C5# Fixes:

  • After upgrading, C5x radios were not connecting to the cloud. This has been resolved. (For the few who use the cloud for monitoring)

Known Issues:

  • Application prioritization and Access Control List DSCP remarking do not support Q-in-Q/double VLAN tagging.
    Some other Known issues that are good to take note of, I recommend reading at least the Known Issues notes.
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