2.8.0 Firmware for A5x, C5# and B5/B5c Has been released

This is just my summary of the notes and what I think is important. You can read the notes in their entirety here:

Note: I say C5# to refer to the entire C5/C5c/C5x Line.

BIG NOTE: 2.8.0 is not released for the A5/A5c, a C5# running 2.8.0 cannot connect to an A5/A5c at this time (because they do not have 2.8.0) Beware of what you are doing your updates on and what it is connecting to. You have to upgrade the firmware of the C5# device before you upgrade your Access Points. As always it is prudent to update the far end of a PTP link before updating the near end.

Many of the features and such are platform wide, if there are unique differences then I will note them where I find them interesting.

Resolved Issues:

  • Some security stuff in regards to the C5-PTMP, dunno on this one, but good that it’s being taken care of.

New Stuff:

  • IPv6!!! WHOHOOOO! Finally. Get that implemented in your networks, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Enhances Statistics, more details in how your network works. Always a good thing.
  • mDNS Access to Device GUI, no idea how this works or how well, that said, if you know the serial number of your device this could very well fill some of the needs for a Discovery tool. @MHammett, @Ibrahim2
  • Configurable Traffic Split, We now can get off of 50/50 traffic splits. 66/33 and 75/25 are out (Download and Upload frame splits) This means more time is allocated in SRS mode for sending packets to your customers who are watching Netflix. @jacobturner the A5/A5c stuff is coming shortly down the pipeline, its working pretty great. @Manuel_Sebastian, @Marek2
  • Location Enhancements, You can now configure the device location manually in the A5x, this can help the device get a GPS lock much quicker. @Irvin
  • Alternate Channel Selection, kinda nice if you are running static DFS channels like me, make sure you read the Release Notes for the specifics.
  • VLANs, we now have more control of what happens to traffic, tagging and untagging. Handy dandy especially if you are not wanting to build a network based off of buggy Option 82.
  • Service Suspension, you can now turn off data passthrough on the C5# (useful for turning off service for non-payment) @Irvin, @RTC & @Bennett and a whole bunch of other people.
  • ACL based on Ethertype Field. Useful for security, I am always for more security. @David40
  • QOS stuff, if you are short on bandwidth and need to stretch what you have out, I would recommend reading the details in the Release Notes.
  • Host Table Limits, I have not had much success with this, but it can be kinda useful for figuring out what MAC addresses are behind what CPE device. Some other features to it as well. Read the Release Notes.
  • SNMPv3 and SNMP Trap Alarms. Another useful monitoring feature.
  • Cloud Connectivity Test, figure out why your device isn’t connected to the cloud. Not that the tools are not already available to you, but it does help to have a single button to press to figure out problems.
  • Support for UNII-4 in USA, if you have an STA, you can get your equipment 45 MHz of extra frequency. Pretty clean spectrum from the looks of it, just make sure you are not within some of the exclusion zones listed by the FCC.
  • B5/B5c only, NTP as time source. You can now use an NTP server to set the device time in B5/B5c. @Bernard1 @TBits_net and a whole bunch of other people over the years.
    Known Issues:
  • DHCP Snooping is not supported (Read the release notes)
  • If you are only using IPv6 for your management on your devices then Cloud services are not supported. (Last I checked Mimosa Cloud was being hosted by Amazon which is famously not great about supporting IPv6)
  • In Zero Touch Provisioning, the SFTP transport protocol is not supported for downloading device configuration file or for firmware upgrade.
  • Configuring Ethernet Port Speed or Ethernet Auto-Negotiation Mode through RADIUS or through Zero Touch Provisioning can result in constant reboots of the device.

Very good. Waiting for 2.5.3 for A5c now.
Will try out 2.8.0 for B5 ASAP. :slight_smile:

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The rumor mill is that the people running 2.8.0 on B5/B5c equipment are quite the happy little ducks.

In everyone of the 7 C5x PTP link I have this 2.8 firmware caused wireless disassociations with 1 minute and reconnect and sometimes with one side of the link dead and needing a physical power cycle to connect again.
More rare the LAN side refuses to pass any data, but remain linked.
In our case is unusable.

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I have the same problem on C5c. Just the far end of the link killed the ethernet after upgrade to 2.8.0
I am disappointed.

hola Morris how was work firm 2.8.0 on b5c?

Too many wireless disconnections with C5c’s during the day, PTP mode on every site we have Mimosa devices. Before upgrade, disconnections occured only one or two times a week but now, this is too much.

QoS disabled and problem with disconnections solved.

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Hey guys, I appreciate the reports, but this thread is more about the features and stuff actually about the firmware.

If you are having issues with 2.8.0, it probably would be better to create a new topic to better cover/diagnose it in the community. Or you can reach out to Mimosa with your issues.

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Thank you Miroslav2 I am trying this now, I will let you know if that solves the wireless disconnections

well, I think this is a better place in order to alert others as soon as they are excited about all new stuff they need to be aware as well that moving to 2.8 firmware can cause certain issues and know how to resolve it if possible…

well, I had no success with new firmware 2.8 on c5c, still getting those wireless disconections for about 2 minutes. On b5c it works pretty well.

Yup, well I am the Topic poster so I get to decide how the Topic gets used. I am locking this post from further comments.

If you would like to report bugs, please create a new Topic.