2.8.1 Firmare for A5x, C5# and B5/B5c has been released

This is just my summary of the notes and what I think is important. You can read the notes in their entirety here:

Note: I say C5# to refer to the entire C5/C5c/C5x Line.

BIG NOTE: 2.8.1 is not released for the A5/A5c, a C5# running 2.8.1 cannot connect to an A5/A5c at this time (because they do not have 2.8.1) Beware of what you are doing your updates on and what it is connecting to.

Many of the features/fixes/improvements and such are platform wide, if there are unique differences then I will note them where I find them interesting.

Resolved Issues:

  • Security fixes, several CVE issues that were fixed including a Remote Code Execution bug as well as some Cross Site Scripting issues and some other stuff, I would recommend updating just for these reasons. Some issues are also fixed from the open source package “dnsmasq”
  • Some issues people had with Radius and Zero Touch Provisioning were fixed. If you use these then you will probably want to read the release notes and do the update as well. @Rob_MCN, maybe this has helped you out?

New Stuff:

  • Ability to connect to a Mimisa Self-hosted NMS. Do you like the idea of Mimosa Cloud, but hate the idea of your equipment being able to access the internet? Welp, like me, you are now in luck, Mimosa has a beta version of their Mimosa Cloud which will allow you to connect your devices to your own server. This will be very useful. Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare computer lying around right now to Beta Test with, but I have something on the order list in the next couple months…
  • More IPv6!!! YAY! We now have access to DHCPv6 IPv6 Auto-configuration.
  • With DHCPv6 we also get DHCP Option 17/18/37 support. Check out the release notes for more details.
  • DHCPv4 Option-82/43, if you are running your network with DHCP, this will help you out for getting the right IP information to the right customer… @Wispoto, @Danielcs, @Rob_MCN, @Mossie1 will be happy.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning Extensions, you can now set more settings in your C5# device through Zero Touch Provisoning (ZTP) (Management IP, SNMP, Alarms and Wireless Link Configuration in the Device Configuration File.
  • Data VLANs for WiFi-Interop Mode, for those of you not using SRS, you now can have your C5# device Tag/Untag and do a lot of useful stuff with VLANs going through the device. There are a boatload of notes here, so check out the actual documentation to figure stuff out.
  • Speaking of VLANs, you can now set QoS and Data VLAN Configuration through Radius Provisioning. Quite helpful to make it so your installers need to know less for their end of the setup.
  • B5/B5c, Forwarding Table Display, kinda like the MAC table on the A5# line, now you can see where stuff is connected to a particular device. Quite useful for diagnostics or figuring out how things are connected…
  • B5/B5c, 6.4 GHz support has been added where regulations allow. I doubt this allows us in FCC Land to use 6.4, make certain you are following your local regulations as always…
  • Minimum Auto-Power for Transmit Power Control, you can now tell your A5x to transmit at the minimum power that will sustain full SNR requirements for higher MCS levels. Useful for high density deployments where your APs can “hear” each other.
  • Channel Return Time, If you are certain that your AP isn’t nearby a DFS radar site then this can help you out with the occasional false DFS hit that can move an AP elsewhere in the spectrum. Recently I have seen a lot of False DFS hits in the middle of the night (actually only on Ubiquiti hardware) which this would solve the issue for be before I wake up in the morning… Maybe… Useful with 2.8.0’s feature Alternate Channel Selection.
  • Rouge DHCP Server Protection, if you are just running a Layer 2 network, then you have probably run into issues where one of your customers has plugged their router in backwards. Now you can tell your equipment to only take DHCP information from a trusted Server… (really only applicable if your C5# device is connected to a non-Mimosa AP and you don’t have Client Isolation/reasonable firewalls implemented…)
  • B5/B5c, new recovery procedure available over Ethernet, check this link out for more info: Backhaul User Guide: Reset B Series Radios without 2.4GHz Functionality Who doesn’t want another way to save their candy hams when they are in trouble?
  • QoS issues have been resolved it seems. @craig2 hopefully can report on his stuff working better. Also more QoS settings that might make @Sarkis happy.

Known Issues:

  • There are several issues when configuring the Ethernet Port Speed or Auto Negotiation Mode through RADIUS or ZTP. You really should check out the Release notes and the user guides if you are trying to do this properly.
  • DHCP snooping is not supported on the A5x
  • IPv6 and normal Mimosa Cloud don’t Mix (Thanks Amazon Hosting)
  • Downgrading firmware can cause issues with self-hosted NMS.
  • B5/B5c If you are using the REST API, don’t upgrade to this firmware, the REST API has been removed…

If you have your own thoughts about the Release Notes or new features, feel free to comment below. If you are having issues with the new firmware please post a new topic and don’t comment about it in this topic. This is my topic and my notes, I am not affiliated with Mimosa and my thoughts/feelings/actions are my own.

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Awesome write up William5 - thanks.

I do want to point out that a CPE with firmware 2.8.0 WILL did connect to an AP with 2.5.3 - and the end user was able to surf - at least that was my experience.
The AP however could not communicate with the device / reboot it / gather stats etc. Again just my observation when I did this accidentally. (A simple visit to the CPE house and upload / downgrade current firmware to same as AP / reboot of CPE fixed the issue.)

I do have some C5#'s in PTP mode and Ill check out the changes there!
Hoping to see the A5c’s and other AP’s get 2.8.x soon! (As I dont see this in the download firmware section of the cloud tools)

Ill have to see if I can get the financial guys to let me buy an A5x and test out this firmware!

But knowing Mimosa and trusting them - I would rather them take the time to do it right and release it when it is ready / fully tested for use in their AP’s. (A5c’s etc)

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Looking good! Can’t wait to use it on my network once it comes out for the A5C’s!

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