2.9.0 Firmware Has Been Released

This firmware is applicable to A5x, C5, C5c & C5x (PTMP) and B5x, B5, B5c, C5c, C5x (PTP)

As normal, I will just be giving my summery of things I think are important and mentioning people who had brought up issues that have been solved or are now known issues. You can read the notes in their entirety here:

Note: This is the first Official Firmware for the B5x, running earlier firmware isn’t a great plan IMO.

New Features (because that’s what everyone loves)

  • SNMP, New MIB object added for PTMP MIB to query for airtime utilization, association status of each client and count of number of associated clients. This one is pretty big and includes requests I made a while back. @Rudy will be happy to hear he can easily count the number of clients on his A5x radios… Unfortunately this doesn’t cover A5c/A5 radios… :cry: BUT!!! Seeing airtime utilization is a major feature which will help a ton in network monitoring and planning. (Knowing your airtime utilization means you know when an AP is overloaded and you can identify bad clients with a bit of work.)

  • DHCP Option 12 support. This looks kinda cool, I am sure there is someone out there getting excited, but I just can’t today, I guess if Option 82 didn’t do it for you… WOoo… Maybe someone else can chime in and inform the class on how cool this is or interesting use cases…

  • Access Point selection based on highest RSSI (With same SSID) I am not sure how much I like this as an option, it doesn’t benefit me, but it could be a nifty way for you to add redundancy to your network… Just make sure to have a super good PSK.

  • Forwarding Table Display (PTP only), L2 Forwarding table contains MAC address of each learnt host (behind PTP device), its age, and the ingress port. All this information is displayed on WebUI. Technically this is stuff that the radio needs to know anyways. So it’s cool that we now have access to it in an easy place.

Fixed Issues (Because this is what everyone needs)
Note: If you were experiencing any of the issues fixed in the latest firmware and you have seen a resolution or continuation with the issue please post here so people can keep track.

  • Couple issues I reported, so ya, I know that system works.

  • Fixed an infrequent occurrence whereby in SRS mode 75/25 Traffic Split traffic may stop with Reboot Reason 5007. I know I was helping someone with the 5007 error, but I can’t find their post. Whoever you are please report back if you are seeing a fix!

  • Fixed an issue with Exclusions for B5x to allow blocking up to 6425 MHz. Not a terribly important deal for most people, but there have been a few Beta firmware’s that have bitten me in the bum because they didn’t have correct regulatory exclusions for my area and my radio decided to use spectrum that is illegal for me to use. Not very common for GA releases, but there was one firmware a while back…

Known Issues.

  • On C5x and C5c PTP links, the local last reboot time shown on Access Point dashboard may be incorrect. Keep this in mind ladies and gentlemen when you are doing diagnostics.
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This seems to be a much awaited firmware update… Too bad it’s not published for A5c / C5x combination. (yet?)

Probably some of the features will come to the A5c, but I would be surprised with feature parity.

I use C5# to refer to the entire C5/C5c/C5x product line. Those radios will be able to benefit from this latest firmware. (Except when they are connected to a an A5/A5c)

There are nuance differences, but my understanding is that (in general the A5x is quite similar to the A5c.
This is not to say my understanding is correct.

– side by side specs show the A5c specs to definitely be different in some key areas…
Max thruput is higher, client count is different on interop, radio is 4x4 vs 2x2, tx is 3db higher.

So there are definitely some differences between the 2 hardware-wise. This is why I’m hoping they do get to bring it up to a higher level. But, I also am reminded with the “6E” releases that several models will begin to fall off the active development list.

Long term best plan… (budgetary limits abound) moving to the C6 platform, and gain (potentially) all the fun bits of 6e. We have a HUGE issue here of 5ghz interference from several Ubiquiti based providers here. At least one of them seems to like to use 10mhz bandwidth instead of the usual 20/40/80. Hazards of shared bands. They also seem to be “blasting” their RF to the point that they cause is serious interference and also seem to trick the radio into thinking it’s hearing radar…which triggers the channel change algorithms in a major way.

I was advised I can go to C6x for the clients ONLY if I use interop mode. Since I use SRS the only path to retain that is moving upwards.

Here’s to the future updates and upgrades!

(Sorry if I deviated from the topic of the thread a tad…)


The A5c and A5x have completely different guts. My understanding is that they are completely different CPU architectures and chipsets. So, for example Mimosa has stated that the A5/A5c won’t ever be on 2.8/9.x.

The higher frequency stuff should be making it back to the A5/A5c for when 6GHz gets to us, but there are some things that won’t, there are also features of the new A6 line that the A5 line just can’t do. So, we will see some features, but not everything.

I will need to be get clarification on the need to use WiFi Interop, my understanding is that the SRS mode of the A6 and A5 lines is significantly different, but I am far from the expert.

On the A5c with C5x and C6x radios – Support is who advised me – but even the person I spoke with had to get it verified before he shared the situation. I asked very specifically – can one replace C5x with C6x when the primary AP is an A5c, and the resulting answer was, yes, but only if using interop mode. To regain SRS replacing the A5c with the A6c would be required.

For us – I’m (at least at this point) unwilling to lose SRS just to get to the C6x client radio. The idea there being a stepping stone process of replacement.

The A5c was not an inexpensive purchase, and so I seriously doubt the reciprocal C6 model will be anything but just as costly.

I would agree that there are vast differences between the A5x and the A5c. What I find that’s interesting is that the favored updates are going for the lesser (abilities? lower cost) of the A5x over the A5c. On the other hand, I suspect a lot more A5x are sold than A5c, and sales is a driving force to be sure.

I suppose comparing and contrasting for these models is like any other series. They have different entry points, different abilities, and in fact different use models.

For us, it will be disappointing to think that we’ve gone for the higher end path, and are not getting the same or similar kinds of forward moving updates. A case of ouch, but it is, what it is as they say.

Access Point selection based on the highest RSSI (with the same SSID)

If multiple access points broadcast the same SSID, Mimosa Client devices associate with an access point that has the highest RSSI.

Work? some body test these feature?