2 A5x's connected to an N5-360? SRS? Wifi Interop?

So, crazy idea here - can you connect 2 A5x’s to an N5-360?

Ill be you “could” - but what would be advantages / disadvantageous of doing such a thing?

Using SRS - one would think that re-using the spectrum should work if they where say on the same channel.

Yes you would not get the same throughput or WOULD you - as all of the client radios (C5x’s) are just 2X2 anyhow…

As long as you did one A5x H and Z and the other the same?

Dunno - but I would like to know some good reasons not to do something like this!


EDIT: Oh and what if you where not on the same channels - to keep everything separated?

A diplexer with band pass filter to pass appropriate frequencies to one A5 or the other would be needed otherwise your noise floor would be absurd.

Now, I have no idea if they make such a thing for 5ghz =)

The N5-360 uses 4x 180 degree sectors that overlap each other for it’s coverage. So there would be some serious issues with interference between the two A5x radios…

The other issue would be your side lobes would be horrendous and getting chains to balance would also be terrible. You would have only 90 degrees of decent coverage for one of the A5x radios and the other directions would have terrible chain imbalance issues that would not be fun to work around.

All really good reasons not to do this - but I had to ask the question.

This is totally different than putting two antenna’s that overlap coverage if say they where directional antenna’s.

While noise and side lobes would be affected coverage would be the same one would think as each H and V set would be going in the same direction.

I guess the take away here is that SRS is really good at re-using spectrum - but interference would be so high that even it could not compensate.

I still would like to try it - just to see real world what it would do - but who has time for that? - not to mention that it could be possible to damage the radios from power output being so close (basically the same antenna).

Thanks all - if there are other thoughts about this - let me know.

I mean, in theory, it should work sorta…

Mimosa’s channel edges are the cleanest I have seen in the industry. I am running Mimosa A5c radios with their antennas inches from each other without terrible issues.

So, at least if you use different channels with a wide enough spacing between the two you should be able to make it work. That said, the chains issue is where I would think you will have your worst situation. See below for chains that you can expect, but you would only be seeing 2 of them… and you will only get balanced chains on 2 90 degree directions from the Antenna, the other 180 degrees you will be 9-15 dB off…

This will function poorly. If you want to use the N5-360, use a 4x4 AP. It has a specific design that does not work for multiple APs on the same antenna.

You want a different kind of antenna for this idea if you need to use multiple A5x radios.

The N5-360 is setup like this. Consider 90 degree cardinal directions for this example:

  • Chain 1 - N, E
  • Chain 2 - E, S
  • Chain 3 - S, W
  • Chain 4 - W, N

So, if you connected a 2x2 radio to Chain 1 and Chain 2, you would see a single chain if connecting from the north, two chains if connecting from the east, and again only one chain if connecting from the south.

If you have a second 2x2 radio on Chain 3 and Chain 4, then when you are aiming from the north, you would see one chain from each radio. This would give you the benefit of connecting to either radio, but the drawback of lacking MIMO communication.

The N5-360 only has 2 chains in any given direction, so it is not somehow limited by the client radio only being 2x2. Often, however, 4x4 APs do better communicating with a 2x2 CPEs than just a 2x2 AP.

You would need to be on separate channels no matter what way you do accomplish this. The overlap at any edge is going to result in very poor performance at edges, and I think there is very limited front-to-back isolation in this unit since it is intended for a single radio.

There are antennas that could work (conceptually) for this use case, but if you are using Mimosa and need an omni, I think you should consider an A5-14 or an A5c on an N5-360.

So, really - that would a really good test of SRS!
But, I totally agree with you and understand your point.

The 8x antenna design seems to be a tighly kept secret. I would imagine it is trademarked and the technology for it was purchased. They have some arrays now using 64x in the lab, pretty insane.

The 4x MIMO are really more like 2x times 2 for a lot of this stuff, so true 8x with an antenna specifically designed for the radio will hopefully knock our socks off!