2 x B5 Link test Result with > 1 Gbps aggr IP

Hi All, Just wonder anyone has done or install 2 pairs of B5 link and set the configuration TDMA 75/25. Could anyone share me the test result or screenshot of the traffic captured and the dashboard. I need to convince my customer that the B5 can handle more than 1Gbps aggr ip if we install 2 pairs of it.

You would need to find +80 MHz of clear spectrum for your link as well as have a pretty good LOS and alignment if you are more then a couple miles. To pull off a full bandwidth link. Doing that in a city environment will be very difficult

Sure you can bond the antennas together and utilize GPS sync, but unless you have really good separation between the two radios Syncing them will only do so much so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to run them on unique channels to maximize your throughput. (Meaning you will need 160 MHz of clear spectrum)

That said, I have a B5c link that I will be testing out tomorrow and I could share that info with you if you think it will help.

please do share. it will definitely helpful. thanks. Alias

Sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, I was dealing with a packet loss issue elsewhere in the network all day.

I can only use a 2x40 MHz wide channels (less then half what is available if you used 2x80 MHz wide channels) and the link is hard set to 50/50, you will also notice that one side is moving a lot faster then the other even so, that is because the upload side of the link is on a UNII-1 channel and therefore doesn’t have as good of a signal as the download side of the link.

I am currently experimenting with auto channel, because I have heard so many people rave about it. I have been pretty happy so far, but I am not passing any normal traffic over the link quite yet and all my other links are set by hand by me so YMMV.

The link is far from perfect, I still have to do some alignment on the far end of the link to get it dialed in. I also need to make certain the Auto Channel stuff isn’t interfering with my other equipment. There’s a lot to do, but all things considered, if I could get +160 MHz worth of spectrum I think I could pull off +1 Gbps aggregate. Probably not in a single direction, but for reasonably priced equipment in unlicensed spectrum it’s pretty good stuff.

As I can see, you posted UDP test. Can you share TCP test?

I really don’t have time to screw around with Mikrotik TCP btest. It’s just packets, bandwidth is bandwidth, if your doing connection tracking then it matters, but I don’t do any of that in my backhauls.

I don’t have any time too but UDP test is pointless in real infrastucture environment but OK. Thank you anyway.

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