3.2.0 beta 3 for A6 and C6x

Hi everyone!

I am excited to announce that I just posted 3.2.0 beta 3 to the Mimosa Cloud. I made this available for everyone so they can go straight to downloading it instead of having to be added to a beta list.

3.2.0 beta 3 has Management and Data VLAN support. This version also has C5x backward compatibility but it isn’t quite finished. Clients should connect and work but you might be missing some data in the UI.

This version also has some support for long range clients (up to 6 miles or 9.5KM) but it isn’t 100% complete. This also should have the ability for those outside of the US to turn up the power on the client radios from 18dBm to 24dBm.

I hope to have beta 4 here soon as well.

A note: While you should have no issues upgrading from 3.1.1 or 3.1.2, there is a chance you may have to factory reset the units once you upgrade to 3.2.0 beta 3. Keep in mind that this is a beta build so it isn’t 100%.

we received the units at the beginning of January 2023, the available firmware was completely broken and we waited 3 months to have a usable firmware, after 3 months you released this beta which still has some serious problems to solve, already communicated several times by your customers, if you don’t release a firmware free of serious software bugs soon you will make the launch of A6 and C6x fail miserably, you have customers who write every day and are very angry for paying for a product that does not reflects the promises and is unusable, you are ruining your reputation!

the pointing mode is broken!, can you explain how we should be able to point the antennas with this essential functionality broken??
Without considering that the way the pointing mode is designed sucks, it’s slow and very unresponsive, it absolutely needs to be redesigned! (tried with the previous firmware that at least worked)

and many many other problems, I don’t expect all these serious problems from a beta after 3 months of work!

Upgraded with the new beta, now the AP 6 is in a rebooting cycle, after uploaded the bet firmware done factory reset too, dont know what to do now?

@DustinS could you expand on support for long range clients? What has changed in the version from 3.1.2 and what’s still left to do?

Deployed in our test network without issues.

In my testing, running higher TX powers than +20 on the C6x lowers the SNR on the uplink. As a result, the CPE will not be able to achieve 1024-QAM (MCS 10/11). If you have the link budget, try lower transmit powers on the CPE to get better performance.

Support for clients up to 6 miles or 9.5km with stable connectivity. During my testing at 9.5km, I was able to get up to 850Mbps down with 160MHz channel in the middle of San Jose. Right now we support up to about 4 miles.

I have updated the devices. But I can’t seem to enable vlan on c6x. The slider remains disabled not clickable

It does not appear that the SNMP feature that showed up in 3.2.0b3 works, after enabling it, I am unable to get A6 or C6 devices to respond to SNMP get requests.

3.2.0b3 also breaks aiming mode in my network, clients no longer show data in the aiming mode.

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Aiming mode is definitely broken in 3.2.0b3

3.2.0b3 broke management data in the Mimosa Cloud for about 75% of the devices I have registered. Details like temperature are still being collected, but lots of stuff suddenly missing.

So this is my first go round with Mimosa. I’ve used ton’s of vendors equipment over my career. I’ve built my wisp primarily on Mtik,UBNT, and Aviat. I’m literally stunned that there is no SSH access for rebooting devices, scripting, or back door in case gui isn’t working. After upgrading the new A6 to this firmware, it was rebooting again and again, then after a day it seemed to be ok. Frequently, I load up the management site, and it just spins and spins… prompting me to reload the site.

I find a lack of configurability. Not able to adjust timing window, upload download ratio, or massage many parameters that are typical of a wireless interface. Or any flow control or negotiation settings on the ethernet. Hoping that Mimosa adds some features, manageability, and more help buttons.
Maybe I’m just spoiled with the overabundance of information provided on a Mtik device. seems lacking and this is just a please improve, Thanks! Also, C6 needs a 2.5 or 5g ethernet port if we are to compete with fiber providers and offer 2 gig service.

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