3 month struggling with C5x link

I hired a company to make a C5X link for my radio station. The distance from the town to the hill is 4.5 km. Unobstructed optical visibility. During the winter, there were strong winds that weakened the metal supports of the antennas, which caused the links to drop frequently. After we welded all the weak connections and shot the antennas again, there were interferences on our freq. We changed the freq. Now we have a new problem. We can’t get more traffic than 1%. The deadline for me to turn off the frequency of the old links is expiring, and these links are not yet functional. I got involved in solving it, but I didn’t deal with this before. The signal strength varies from -55dbm to -61dbm. The antenna on the hill shows “link down”. The PoE is 50V because the distance to the antenna is 55m. The antenna in the city has PoE 24V and the cable length is about 7-8 m. The audio stream requires 320 kbps. Currently we have from 20-80kbps. All this has been going on for 3 months. Any advice please.

UPDATE: I ran diagnostics on the antenna that sends via Test>Bandwidth>Send and the data goes out. On the second antenna, the diagram shows that data is coming. Traffic is in Mbps. But nothing gets through to the end point.

The link down error is refering to the ethernet cable being bad. You need to change out that cable and you will be good to go

The internal speedtest works because the antenna isnt passing data down the ethernet line. The data is stopping internally at the antenna. Therefor you get a result. To test through the line youd have to test from an end point beyond the antenna. Almost gauranteed that if you change out the ehternet line on the antenna that says link down, everything will begin working as it should.

Your signal levels look a little low as well for such a short link. It should still work without issue though


If you only need 320 kbps drop to a 20 MHz channel. It will handle that amount of data with out a problem and help with any interference

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