4600 to 6500 c5c firmware

Hello how i can get mimosa firmware open channel form 4600 to 6500

The firmware that is supplied through your cloud account will give you access to all the legal frequencies permitted for Mimosa equipment to use in your country.

If you have a special license for frequencies in your country contact mimosa support and provide proof of such licensing and they can get you a licensed unlock code for your country.

Requesting firmware that allows illegal operation of any equipment is not permitted on this forum. I understand that there can be confusion, but will not condone illegal activity.

Hi William,

Our district is licensed in the U.S. to use the 50MHz of bandwidth in the 4.9GHz range for public safety purposes. The unlock codes under United States Licensed let us do that for the B5c radios, but not in the A5 or A5x radios - at least when the latter are in PtMP mode (I haven’t checked in PTP mode). Is there a restriction for PtMP mode or should I get a copy of our license to you to change our unlock codes?


I’m not sure if there’s a difference in the frequencies allowed in the different firmware for the same country. However, no, you do not need to get your license information to William. You need to get it to Mimosa support. William is just another user on this forum. A very knowledgeable user, but not a Mimosa representative.

As @Wayne2 has said, absolutely don’t give me or any other user on this forum confidential or private information unless they are clearly identified as Mimosa support personnel. (Even then, I would recommend caution in doing so, this is the internet)

I have licensing for the 4.9 GHz range as well, by chance, and it shows up on my A5c/A5 radios that I have unlocked with United States Licensed just fine. The actual product page for the A5x says: “The A5x supports 5150–5850 MHz in the U.S. (FCC), Europe (ETSI), and Canada (CA).” So I would assume that the A5x has not been approved for the 4.9 GHz public safety band…

OK, thanks to both Wayne and William. I had accidentally assumed William was Mimosa support! I’ll get my (public) license info to support to see if some change is needed to my US Licensed settings (we do have access to the UNII4 channels). On my A5c using 2.5.4, the lower 4.9 GHz channels are excluded.

I think at this point William is an honorary Mimosa Support member!

Awwe shucks, thanks…
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I will then, with the full authority of my honorary status as a Mimosa Support member, forcefully demand that no one send me confidential/private information.

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