6 GHz channel flexibility

The C6x looks really impressive, and once the GPS is out and the AFC is running (we’re trying our best to grease the skids at the FCC to get the approvals…) the extra space will be very welcome. But I want to verify something about the new chips from onSemi (who bought Quantenna). Some 802.11 chips don’t appear to have the same 5 MHz frequency flexibility that we know and love from the B5/C5 family. Of course some other makers’ 11ac chips don’t either. So 1) Will the C6x (especially in PtP mode) support any 5 MHz channel edge, or just the “standard Wi-Fi” ones? That would be a problem since those don’t line up with 6 GHz licensed channels. And 2) Will the C6x support prefix puncturing, wherein the wide channel (say 160 MHz) can have 20 MHz gaps in the middle to protect an incumbent? Thanks!

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Hi Fred,

This is really probably a @Jaime question. I’ll let him chime in.