! 6 Ghz Radios ! Will we see a Orange Badge on Them?

I asked over a year ago if Mimosa had plans to have the B5 part 101 certified for 6 Ghz based on this information Expanded Channel Availability 6 and 23 Ghz bands, I was told that we would never see any equipment for WISPs in the U.S. use this band due to other FCC rules that was hard to work with.

Yeasterday I Noticed this.

I went on a Fox-Hunt and found THIS… http://www.proxim.com/products/point-to-multipoint/tsunami-mp-8100-series/mp-8160

So, I am going to ask again. Is there any plan to get the B5 line a Part 101 so we can use them in the 6 Ghz band?


Sam, you can buy 6GHz links from WISP-friendly companies. Exalt, Cambium, SAF all have them.

Remember, a class-A (preferred) license requires 6’ dishes. Class-B (might be okay in rural areas) require minimum 3’ dishes.

Lots of WISPs don’t have structures to support the wind load to do many 3’ dishes. Additionally, in congested areas, you can’t get a class-B license because there would be too much interference to other operators, which puts you back in the 6’ dish size, which is cost prohibitive and unlikely that most WISPs are equipped to hang it or have towers to support it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a B6, but if you need something soon, you better shop the 2nd hand market or look into one of the other mfgs.

I guess we are just lucky then!

Most of our towers are old oil feild towers and had 6 and 8 foot Andrews on them for years.

I would hope they would not make a whole new radio but get the B5 a part 101 at it can go to 6ghz.

Hi Sam,

The answer that we gave a year ago is still correct. We currently have no plans to re-certify the B5c for 6 GHz inside the US based on limited demand for it and the cost of the certification process. Portions of the 6 GHz spectrum are available on the B5c for regions outside of the US, which is why the spectrum graph was expanded to include it.

The restriction (red bar underneath) indicates one of the following:
A) The product is not authorized to operate on that frequency in the current country of operation (B5c).
B) The product is not designed to operate on that frequency (B5). Given the need for 3’ or 6’ dishes, the B5 antenna would not meet those requirements anyway.

Chris, I would like to talk to you on the phone. I don’t have your number but i will email you mine. I wanted to ask some of these questions on the phone but my only contact was Ryan who is no longer with mimosa.

I will shot you a message later tonight you can call when ever you get time, just about any time is good for me as even when i am on my off time i am usually still working. :slight_smile: