600 Mbps PtP stable 11km link for digital cable tv in IP multi cast

Currently we are using STM4 based leased circuit for sending digital cable TV signal through ip stream from the headend to remote sub headend. STM4 circuits are very very costly and therfore we are searching for air route solutions using mimosa products. Question is that we need TCP/IP throughout of 600 mbps over which it is possible to send 170 SD channels . please suggest product that can do the job for a distance of max 11km , LOS , rural area without any building or very tall trees. also we need the bandwidth in one direction only. Stream is multi cast format, we have 16 streamer with avg 10 channel each IP

You’re going to want to look at the Mimosa B11, an 11GHz licensed product since I’m assuming you don’t want to run into issues from possible interference on the unlicensed 5ghz band.

You’re looking at total link cost with FCC coordination around $6-7k total. You will absolutely NEED clear fresnel with perfect LOS if you want a reliable link.

With this link, you can move 950+ Mbps one way without issue.

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The area is totally free from any man made 2.4 or 5.8 ghz radio waves, and we have 50 meter tower at both end, path is full LOS and mimosa link planner shows 0% obstruction in fresnel zone, no building at all in the path and max tree height is 28 meter , we are looking for UBR( unlicensed band radio) as in india getting a license at 10/11 Ghz bandwidth is not only costlier but its almost Impossible , unless you are a telecom service provider

Can we go for Mimosa B5 or B5c for this , ?

Hi Anupam,

Sorry no one responded to you right away. You can reach Mimosa Support at http://help.mimosa.co for design and product selection help. Yes, the B5 or B5c would work for this application.

If you have not done so already, I recommend creating a free account at http://cloud.mimosa.co so that you can model your specific link.

Hello, currently I have a link to 1000 mbps 12.8 kilometers, carrying a bandwidth of 200Mb Internet B5c antennas.

Hi Daniels
Would love to see the description of your link. We have a 2 leg B5c setup over 6 & 4 klms but only getting 100Mbs. Cheers

hello Gordon, it is a link with 2 channels 80 mhz, cable utp cat. 6E, height of 22 meters at the base and 15 meters station, snr of 27 in the 4 channels and 83dBm of rx noise are two mimosa radios B5c with dish antenna ubiquiti 4.9 - 5.9 GHz Gain 34 dBi, Dimensions 105 x 105 x 42.1 cm / Weight 13.5 kg at both sites

Thanks Daniels
Ours is 4 B5c (relay point in centre) on FW 1.3.1 but we can only get 2*20 channels as the spectrum is not wide enough. Antennas are ARC 30dB dishes. Are you able to use the DFS channels? Where did you take your throughput measurements from? UDP test at the radio or LAN to LAN?