6GHz Restricted Area Changes Depending on Channel Width

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We are testing the A6 in 6GHz and when in 160MHz channel width the full range from 5965MHz-6425MHz is unrestricted however when the A6 is in 80MHz the frequency range that is unrestricted is only 5965MHz-6360MHz. Attached below are the screenshots of what I am describing. You can see in the Yellow square the difference. Is this normal or maybe a bug?


EDIT: I realize my pictures cut off the Exclusions section of the page but I can assure you there is nothing in there.

I suspect it might have something to do with the available center frequencies of Wifi Channels in 6GHz. Once 5MHz channelization is available, then you would see it all available.

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Thanks @DustinS , I figured either a bug or current firmware limitation. Is 5MHz channelization going to part of the next GA release or is it coming to a later GA?

5MHz channelization is hopefully June/July timeframe.

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Im not seeing that issue. Weve got this AP in an 80mhz channel and its open all the way to the end of the frequency. Then again im in the US so maybe that the difference