90 degree 4 port sector antenna

I’m looking for a 4 port 90 degree sector.

Anyone have any experience with Altelix? This antenna is dirt cheap at $75.

I have used some of their Dish antennas.

They are alright, cheap as all get out and the build quality feels like it as well. But the antennas worked fine for us.

I have not used any of their sector antennas, although I have looked at them in the past. Every time I end up wanting to use something else.

Would/could you recommend a 90 degree 4 port?

Haven’t used it buddy. Can’t say really one way or another, if it’s the only solution, then you are kind of stuck, if not, I would explore your other options and see if any make more sense.

Just looking at the specifications a few things pop out to me.

  1. Beamwidth looks about right, you will probably be able to get people to connect across the whole 90 degree field.
  2. Polarization is on a 45 degree slant, which if you are using Mimosa C5x devices is perfect.
  3. Build quality looks about the same as the other Altelix antennas I have used, it will work, but it’s not pretty and it will have something weird that makes it a little bit not user friendly. (What that is, I don’t know, but you are getting what you pay for.)

Will it work? Probably. Is Altelix my first stop for looking for antennas? Nope. Nor is it very high on my list. Mimosa has recommended accessories for it’s equipment, you might want to look there and see what MTI has https://mimosa.co/accessories

Personally, I am going to smaller and smaller sector sizes, I need to be able to take care of more and more people and the best way I have found to do that is with small sector sizes that have very small side lobes.

With your small sectors are you using 4 ports per sector to get beam forming?

If not, you using horns? (No way to get beamforming with horns is my assumption).

Actually you can get beam forming.

Beam forming comes about from the overlapping of antenna patterns. So as long as I have an overlapping of all four chains in my antennas from my A5c I can get the benefits of beam forming.

So for situations where I have a very dense population base, I align my horn antennas so they mostly overlap. In other situations where I don’t need to deal with such density, I give up on the extra gain from MIMO and get a wider coverage area by not overlapping my horn antennas.

No matter what, I always use all four ports on the A5c, things are just too expensive to not.

I wasn’t suggesting you don’t use 4 ports, I just thought if I use two ports each for non overlapping sectors it would save a few bucks. But then really do I lose beamforming.

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