A5-14 1 of 5 client radios has strange upstream performance

These clients are located in a horseshoe shaped development with the A5 in the center. The first client listed shows a much lower Rx MCS than the other C5s and a corresponding -100 RSSI on chain #2. Other than a LoS issue, is there anything I could have the installer look for?



Hi Michael,

The A5 receiver may be saturating. The received signal from the C5 and EVM both look really high, so you might try reducing the C5 power level if possible. Other options are to adjust the orientation of the C5 relative to the A5, or rotate the A5 clockwise about the mounting pole.

Based on the signal strength at panels 1-4, We can tell that this C5 is very close to A5 panel #4 with an offset toward panel #3. It is typical to see a 15-20 dB difference between adjacent panels, and -100 dBm at the panel pointing in the opposite direction (180 degrees). Please see image below.

We have an A5c, and I was wondering if you happened to have a similar diagram for the KP layout. I love this sort of stuff.

Hi @Kaleb,

The antenna arrays inside a KP have overlapping patterns, so the signals should be at very similar amplitudes between chains, enabling 2x2 MIMO in more situations than with an A5-14. The sectors are designed for longer distance clients. Think of them as an A5-14 that has been unrolled such that each of the 4 panels are pointed in the same direction so that more power is transmitted in the direction of clients.

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Hello Chris, sorry if this question has been asked before… Do the A5 and C5 do automatic power ranging? In my limited testing with the latest firmware on both I can see the A5 jumping to different channels but I see no sign of it changing power levels or channel width. I also don’t see the C5’s doing any of the above.
If not currently supported, please let us know if/when this will be supported.

Hi @Ben1,

The upcoming GPS-Sync (TMDA) mode has TPC, but the WiFi-Interop (CSMA) protocol mode does not yet have TPC. We’ll likely work on this after TDMA is released.

The Auto Channel feature is present in both protocols already, and it can make adjustments to power based on RF data from the AP and all clients. http://ap.help.mimosa.co/access-point-faq-auto-channel

In TDMA, gain control is manual on A5s and automatic on C5s. In WiFi-Interop mode, clients also have the option for manual AGC thresholds.

In both modes, the user can override the C5 Tx power.

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Thanks for the response Chris! It is appreciated.