A5 14 and A5 18 power requirements

What are the specific power requirements for the A5 360 degree APs? I am needing to power them from a Netonix switch and before I buy the switches, I need to make sure I have the correct requirements. Will I need 48 VH (1.5 amp) or 48 V (0.75 amp) POE? I don’t see the specific amperage or watt requirement on the spec sheets.

I’m hoping I can power these with .75 amp POE but since other Mimosa gear needs the 1.5 amp ports, I’m not holding much hope…

The A5 requires a power source that is 802.3at compliant. Maximum power consumption is 25 Watts.

And more specific information can be found here for powering the Mimosa radios.

OK, I just plugged the specs into my Voltage Drop calculator. At 25W using a 2-pair power system at 300ft, the system current comes out to be .58Amps, which is within Netonix’s specs. Unfortunately, the voltage at the radio is only 42.5V which is less than the 44V that is mentioned in the link provided above. Solving for 44V, the length of the Ethernet cable can’t be more than 228ft. So based on the numbers and the documentation, you shouldn’t have to use the HV ports for any of Mimosa’s radios on a Netonix switch so long as you don’t use too long of an Ethernet cable. If your experience varies then I have to suspect that there is a little fib in someones documentation. Like a certain rocket powered AP system having a max draw of 8W…