A5-14 & C5 height

How much lower in height can a c5 be in relation to the a5-14?

Depends on how far from the tower, and the height of the tower. The A5-14 has a 16degree vertical beam width.

@Cory the C5s that will be lower are within 500-1000ft.

How high is the tower that the A5 is on?

40ft tower, A5-14 will be at 30ft. Ill need this height on the a5 because the main rd here is at sea level but the streets with the homes are 4-5ft below and there are a lot of semi trucks and tractors on the main rd. The closer C5s will be mounted between 10-15ft.

You should be good. With a tower height of 30’ and the A5-14 having 16 degree vertical beam width, the closest client shouldn’t be any closer than ~200’. Anything beyond 211’ should be perfect.