A5-14 performing poorly on download. What am I missing?

We have one A5-14 deployed with 9 subscribers on it with a 40 MHz channel using sync. Works fantastic. Two days ago, we deployed a second A5-14 on another mini-pop house and are getting much different results.

House is fed with a B5 and at the switch on the roof, we are getting 180 Mbps x 175 Mbps. What I would expect to see.

That switch feeds the A5-14 which is on a 40 MHz channel. We deployed one SM on the house next door. During speed testing (TCP), we were seeing download speeds around 25 Mbps but uploads were 100 Mbps.

Today, we took another C5 to the neighborhood to run some tests. We set up 4 houses away in the middle of the street with clear LOS to the A5. Same results. Downloads immediately go to 20 Mbps and stay at 20. Uploads ramp up to between 90 and 120 Mbps.

We changed channels - tried 5 different clean channels (both DFS and non-DFS). We raised and lowered power output on the A5. We swung the C5 off alignment a bit. Every test resulted in the same findings.

We are not using any traffic shaping plans on the A5. Everything is default at 1000 Mbps. The switch is not doing any QOS and is negotiating at 1Gbps with both the A5 and the B5. Other end of the B5 is fiber. Network was quiet during the tests.

Firmware on the A5 is 2.3.0 Firmware tested on the C5 was both 2.3.0 and 2.2.3 - same result with both.

No matter what channel I put the A5 on, we get what looks like excellent negotiation between the A5 and the C5:

You can see the speed test results in that graph. Here is the RF spectrum:

We tried a bunch of clean channels. There is nothing around here…

I feel like I am missing something very basic on this install. Or I have a funky A5-14. Any thoughts? We took a bunch of other screen grabs of various settings if needed.

What type of Ethernet connections do you have?
Going from 1 gig to 100 Mbps can cause this problem. Need to have a router or switch between the A5 and your main network, and use “Flow Control” on it. Then do speed tests to make sure it is working correctly!

Backhaul comes in on a B5. It is connected to a Netonix switch on the roof. 1Gbps Ethernet connection. Another port on the Netonix feeds the A5. Again, 1Gbps connection. Flow control is turned on on all devices.

If I plug my laptop into the switch, I get 180 Mbps download reliability. Don’t think it is a physical problem with cables or switches.

Hi, any further infos, we have exactly the same issue!
Do you test the new firmware 2.3.3. Is it better?

I did find our issue. It ended up being a flaky Ethernet end at the transmit side of the backhaul link feeding this AP. From the switch at the AP, everything was full speed. Through the AP, downloads were terrible. We eventually replaced an ethernet end way up on the mountain feeding this and the problem went away.