A5-14 to A5c w/ N5-360 for trees

We have a number of micro pops that we have A5-14’s on. Most of our town has big old trees so we have a few customers we had to say no for service because we just couldn’t get a decent enough signal through the trees. Has anyone had luck with swapping out the A5’s with A5c’s/Omnis and blast through the trees? I’m talking max 1000’ and through 2 full trees.

You are only increasing your signal strenghth a few dB when you go from the A5 to an A5c+N5-360 antenna. I doubt you will see a significant improvement, in my experience trees will kill anywhere from 15 to 25 dB of signal.

I would look to 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz or some of the new CBRS equipment to punch through trees. There have been a lot of people on the Facebook WISP groups who have reported success with that kind of equipment for getting through trees. 5 GHz just gets absorbed too much by the leaves and water to work well with the trees.

Thanks, we are waiting on some CBRS equipment to come in and test it out to see if that will help our network out in those areas. Just wanted to check if someone had luck with doing the swap to A5c to try and keep everything under one roof so to speak.

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