A5-14 To C5 Link Setup


Very new to the Mimosa products, and I’m hearing great reviews, about the product family. So, i decided to join the movement and invest in the product line for potential WISP / CCTV offerings. However, at this point, I’m just getting started, and could use a checklist for setting up a successful link between an A5-14 AP and a C5 Client Radio. Plan to use this for CCTV IP cams in the next week or so. Not getting any link activity when I enter the pre-shared key info into the C5.

I’m probably skipping or missing a step, but I 'd like to know if someone has a a step by step process to get these two radios to see each other. By the way, I’d love to see some semi-formal training on these products. So far, I can’t find that either.


we just deployed our first A5c in the field. Did you already had a look at http://ap.help.mimosa.co/
I found all the necessary information for the deployment on that website.