A5-14 w/ C5's slower download than upload

I have deployed a test A5-14 on a house fed by a 200x200 Internet connection. It is in a suburban neighborhood and we have a couple houses on it with C5 CPEs. These houses are all on the same block, less than 300’ away from the AP with clear line of sight. We are using a 40 Mhz channel.

What I am seeing with both deployed CPEs as well as a test CPE I have is the download to the CPE both reports slower in the dashboard and is actually slower in TCP speed tests. In my experiences with other vendors, the download speed at the CPE is almost always better than the upload speed. With the A5-14, that seems to be reversed.

Here is my client dashboard showing 360 Mbps upload and 270 download at each client (reported):

Anyone else seeing this? Thoughts? RF scan from the AP and CPE shows no other signals on or near our channel.

I don’t (yet) own any Mimosa gear so I may be mis-interpreting that screenshot, but if -28.8 is the RX on one of the chains, I’d say it’s too hot and possibly causing your throughput to degrade.

My bad. I cut off the top of the photo. The -28.8 is EVM. RSSI is the -47 number. Warm, but not hot…

I’ve seen similar results. Not entirely sure why yet either.

Can you try to lower the C5 power to see if you get more bandwidth ?

Maybe the C5 is too near to A5

This is where it gets interesting (power on the C5). Out of the box with everything set to “auto”, the C5 seems to default to an 80 MHz width. I force it to an “Auto” width and now I can control power output. Even though AGC is active, I lower the power from 21 to 10 (the lowest). Now, I get way more transmit from the C5 (up to 373 from 300) but the download stays at 270.

It does not seem like AGC is working - at least with my experience of AGC from Cambium. When AGC is turned on for a Cambium device, you can’t control the output power because AGC is controlling it. With Mimosa, I still have full control of power output on a C5 when AGC is active. Seems odd.

Here is my power setting on the A5-14. Noise floor is at -90:

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