A5-18 and current firmware

Will the current firmware also work with the A5-18? I came across a couple of them and thought they would make good micro pops. Is the 14 and 18 the same radio design? If not what was the last firmware for this radio?

Hi @craig2,

The A5-18 and the A5-14 are essentially the same radio, just with a different antenna. The 18 is meant for deployment on towers. It was designed to pick up customers under and near the tower site. The A5-14 is the traditional micropop radio designed to go on house or building rooftops.

The N5-360 is a higher gain option that essentially replaces both the A5-14 and A5-18.

Also the 18 will use the exact same firmware as the 14, so currently 2.5.2 (or 2.5.3 beta) is the firmware to use on it.

ooOOOoooo, What features are in this 2.5.3 beta you speak of Sir!? :eyes:

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New Radius VSA
-SNMP Contact
-SNMP Location
-Ping Watchdog parameters
-WebUI session timeout
-Enable/Disable each SNMP notification type (new in 2.5.3-beta2)
-Enable/Disable each Syslog Notification type (new in 2.5.3-beta2)

New Host Information Table in the WebUI - shows MAC address, name, and IP address of hosts behind the client radios. (In A5)

Several resolved issues. More things to come in beta 3.


sounds good! Appreciate the update.