A5-90 replaced with A5C?

I always like to snoop around during wispamerica amd wispapalooza to see how my favorite vendors are preparing for the conventions. I noticed the A5-90 has been replaced very tellingly with the A5C. I know your beam forming coils in the a5-90 were one small part of the gamechanger. Curious as to what’s up?

Has it been replaced or is the A5c just another option?

IIRC, it has been replaced. Mimosa has partnered with KP to make its antennas for the connectorized radios. They had back-to-back booths at Wispamerica. I think this is a good move for the long-range PTMP products.

Were arw a5-90 ???

I notice that the web site no longer lists the MSRP in USD. What’s the anticipated price of the A5c? And what do these matching KPP antennas look like and cost?
There had been talk in the past about allowing PtMP operation of the B5c, but that doesn’t seem to be in the plan any more. It looks like Mimosa is going to sell PtP radios, PtMP APs, and PtMP clients, and the hardware will be locked into that mode. More like Cambium than Ubiquiti in terms of price structure.

How many meters did you make the distance A5