A5-90 Sector missing from pre-order page?

I noticed that the A5-90 Sector units were missing from the pre-order page. Does this mean you are sold out, or is the product discontinued? When do you expect to start shipping? I was hoping to pick up a few in the next 60 days. Thanks!

You will notice the A5-90 has been replaced by the A5c, a connectorized version:

Given the higher density of subscribers we found that 90 deg sector was to wide for many of todays deployments looking for 60 or 45 deg coverage patterns. The A5c provides a much more useful radio with external antennas. Please note that the antenna requirements call for a sector that supports 4 discrete spatial streams. ie: it has 4 connections and enough stream separation to allow beam-forming to do it’s magic.

When will be available the A5c product ?

I was told mid July.

We are in October. July of which year ?

The A5c is currently in stock at Streakwave. We received our first unit about 3 weeks ago.

Hello Michael3,

do you know if is it available to Italy ?

More, can you share performance ? What Antenna you used MTI or KP ?

Thank you.

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I believe Streakwave ships globally. You can contact the rep I use here -> Shane.Shaw@streakwave.com.

We have a single A5c with the KP x4 antenna and a single C5 client. The user is about a mile out and we’re getting 300-350Mbps in downlink and a pretty consistent 450Mbps in uplink. Downlink RSSI is -56 and SINR is 15 on an 80MHz channel.

Michael have you tried in more real crowded spectrum with 20 Mhz channels