A5 (along with C5) whats next for the remainder of 2018?

What kind of bug fixes, changes, and additions to features can we expect in the next stable release of the PTMP Firmware?

I can’t really give you specifics, but expect a very large, feature rich build for PTMP coming this year. Also we have an announcement coming at Wispapalooza for something new and really cool.

So… does that mean we should hold off on purchasing product we would NOT use Mimosa for because the “new and really cool” might solve all of our problems? :wink:

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Depends, how long are you willing to wait? What in PTMP are you waiting for? If the project can wait, then I don’t see any reason not to, the LTU stuff from Ubiquiti is looking promising as well.

There is nothing in particular we are waiting for. We have a few items on our list, but no deal breakers. Getting Multiple 5GHz SSD’s and VLANs would be nice, but again, no deal breakers.

Yes, the LTU stuff does sound interesting.

Well by mid October you will know what Mimosa has announced and probably have a good idea when LTU will be hitting stores near you. Hopefully Mimosa will make a good announcement.

Any good news? It’s mid October now, Wispapalooza is over, and still no newer A5 / C5 firmware with 75/25 split in SRS (that’s mainly what I’m waiting for, as I consistently get much better upload than download speeds - opposite to what most customers want).

Hi @Marek2,

I can tell you that 75/25 and 25/75 will be available at the first of the year. I’m pretty certain we have some other cool stuff coming before then, but nothing I can actually talk about right now.


Esperamos la division de trafico, frecuencia hasta el 6400 MHz y un poco de mayor performance en el AP. Con 5 CPE lo maximo que se puede obtener en el AP en 20 MHz son cerca de 80 mb.


Así que la división de tráfico 75/25 y 25/75 llegará a principios del próximo año. Un A5c que soporta hasta 6400MHz también llegará pronto.

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