A5 apparent Kernal Panic

I have Been testing the A5 with customers on Cambiam latest generation SM’s (love the results) A couple days ago I tried out one of the C5 SM’s paired with a G2 (all latest firmware to date) about 10 minutes after “linking” it I noticed that the A5 vanished and came back 10 or so minutes later. I set my focus there and realized it rebooted itself. I looked into it, figured it was a fluke and put the C5 off till last night. Different C5 (left the other one at my office) linked it up, 10 minutes in, the A5 rebooted. I’m smart enough not to try it at 3rd time, I have 23 customers that didn’t appreciate the outage Friday evening. I don’t have the time or funds to just go out and replace everyone with a Mimosa C5 off the bat, so I need it to be a mixed environment till I get everyone swapped over and sell off all my ePMP1000 equipment.

Any advice, anyone else have this happen and figure it out?

Hi Mario

Please contact support@mimosa.co or engage with the team directly via the live chat on mimosa.co website, they will help you immediately!

I had sent them the logs I pulled after the event on Monday. After your email came in I contacted support to find out what was going on. I was told that the lead engineer was able to reproduce the issue and is activity working on a fix. I’m sure they have it on a hot plate because the lead engineer is on it. I told them my Cambium gear ran out and we were at a standstill since we are not able to add new customers since we cant link any of the C5’s at this time. I’m confident I’ll hear back soon. They have been nothing but great, and fast every time, even when it was my stupidity.

Yes, we are actively working on this and preparing a special image for testing. Our engineer will need direct access to verify the cause and fix. We’ll contact you off list to schedule that activity once we’re ready.